Organo metallics and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Sumitomo Chemical
Based in Japan, agrochemicals, the company is involved in the production and international distribution of fine chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Chattem Chemicals, Inc.
The aluminum hydroxide compounds are used in the manufacture of analgesics and antacids as well as in water treatment and other industrial specialty areas. The aluminu. Producer of aluminum hydroxide compounds, aluminum derivatives and glycine.
Vijay Chemical
Manufacturer and exporter of mainly ferrous sulphide; also produces ferrous sulphate, calcium sulphate, industrial chemicals, laboratory reagents, lead sulphide, sodium nitroprusside , calcium oxide, hydrazine sulphate, calcium hydroxide and chlo.
Yue Pak
Supplier of fine metals, oxides and organometallics.
Dow Corning: Organometallics
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and organometallics.
International manufacturer and researcher of fine and specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, also provides supplies and analytical equipment for the scientific community; produces performance polymers, fine intermediates, plating chemicals
International manufacturer of specialty metal-based chemicals, including inorganic salts, carboxylates (soaps) of transition metals and cobalt/nickel salts.
World Metal
Custom manufacturer of inorganics and organometallics, copper-, including chrome- and zinc-based compounds as well as metal-based nitrates.
H&S Chemical
Manufacturer of fine inorganic iodides, lithium oidide, silver iodide, cesium iodide, magnesium iodide , copper iodide, lead iodide, including hydriodic acid and ammonium iodide.
Manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals including agrochemicals, ammonium nitrate, carbon dioxide, adhesives , chlor alkali, sulphur compounds, fertilizers and resins, as well aluminum compounds.
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