Isotope Developers and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
Located in Andover, MA USA. Cambridge Isotope Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of stable isotope labeled compounds.
CDN Isotopes
Developer and producer of an extensive line of deuterated compounds, Carbon-13 and Nitrogen-15 labeled compounds.
Supplier of mixed-gamma-ray calibration standards for germanium detectors.
Pfaltz & Bauer
Producer and distributor of specialty chemicals for research and industrial applications, rare gases, dyes & pigments, stable isotopes, products include high purity feedstock reagents and other high purity reagents; also provides storage facili.
European world supplier of stable isotopes, also provides an extensive searchable database.
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.
Parent/holding company with a high-tech unit involved in the production of carbon-13, oxygen-18 an. Manufacturer of stable isotope labeled compounds, isotopic gases and nuclear magnetic resonance solvents used in medical and scientific research.
PDZ Europa
Supplier of stable isotopes analysis systems and trace mass spectrometer.
Chemgas also provides removal of gas cylinder contents. Supplier of high purity rare gases (xenon, krypton and neon) also offers stable isotopes (helium-3, isotopic gases and metals).
American supplier of stable isotope-labeled micropsheres for blood flow and particle deposition studies, labeled probes to measure hepatic function and customized protein labeling services.
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