Fluoro chemicals and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Stella Chemifa
Japan based manufacturer of fluorine compounds, lithium ion electrolyte, semiconductor chemicals and fluorocarbons as well as other specialty products.
Specialty chemical supplier of fluoride compounds including aluminum fluoride, magnesium fluorosilicate, sodium fluoride, sufuric acid , fluorosilicic acid, sodium bifluoride, ammonium fluorosilicate and sodium fluorosilicate.
Rohn and Hass
International developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals, fluorinated chemicals, including agrochemicals, coatings, monomers and polymers and polymers, engineering plastics and electronic chemicals.
Flysun Fluoro Chemical Co., Ltd.
Producer of organics & inorganics, ammonium fluoride, specializes in inorganic fluoro salts, hydrofluoric acid, ammonium bifluoride
Central Glass
Products include fluoro-based inorganics, organic aromatics and gases. Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals and laboratory equipment.
Exfluor Research Corp.
Products and services are sold to multiple industries. Research and development organization specializing in fluorine elastomers, hydraulic fluid, lubricants and polymers.
Fluorochem USA
Supplier of fluorochemicals and silanes to North and South America.
Manufacturer and trading company specialized in organic and inorganic fluoro-chemicals, semi-conductor related products, solvents and other chemicals and other industrial minerals.
Jiangsu Meilan Group
Manufacturer of PTFE resin, chlorine alkali, fluoro-based refrigerants and zirconium salts.
Manufacturer and distributor of halogenated chemicals, including inorganic and organic fluorides.
Dow Corning: Fluorochemicals
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and fluorochemicals.
Apollo Scientific
Producer of fluorochemicals, biochemicals, fine organics and high purity specialty gases for research and industrial applications.
Products include aniline, benzoic acid, pyridine, fluoros and bromo compounds. Custom manufacturer of fine chemicals and supplier of drug intermediates and biochemicals, natural extracts and steraloids.
Acton Technologies, Inc.
Products are sold to the integrated circuit industry. Producer of specialty chemicals including etchant for fluorocarbon polymers, electronic chemicals and mixed acid and teflon echants.
Zhejiang Dongang Second Chemical Plant
Manufacturer of fluoro-based organics such as benzo-fluoride derivatives.
F2 Chemicals
Specializes in perfluorocarbons and other fluro based products. England based chemical producer with emphasis in fluorine manufacturing.
Suzhou Branch Of Nantong Sunda Amino Acid
Manufacturer and exporter of amino acids, fluorine salts and bromine salts.
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