Fine Surfactant Cleaners and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Oh Shung Chemical
Korean manufacturer of surfactants, metal-working fluids, synthetic ester compounds
Global provider of specialty chemicals for plastics, cosmetics and food industry, coatings, inks, specializes in rheology modifiers and food industry, specializes in rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, whiteners, stabilizers and surface modified pigments such as titanium oxide and carbon black.
DelCon Inc.
New Jersey-based supplier of specialty chemicals for use in the formulation of HI&I cleaning products, textile and fiber treatments and other specialized industrial areas.
DowFax Surfactants
Supplier of DowFax anionic surfactants, which offer high solubility and stability in acids, these are alkylated diphenyl oxide disulfonates (ADPODS) and salts.
Hangzhou Changlong Chemical
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates, cationic surfactants, dye additives and inorganic chemicals.
Manufacturer of oleochemicals, animal and mineral oils, including vegetable and fatty alcohols as well as esters and ionic surfactants.
AMCO caseinates and hydrolyzed prote
Manufacturer of powdered protein ingredients for food, health & personal care, cosmetic and technical applications.
Supplier of surfactants and specialty chemicals for professional turf, substrate production, greenhouse and nursery and specialty agriculture industries.
Michelman Performance Additives
International supplier of waterborne wax emulsions, specialty dispersions and micronized wax powders to industrial coating formulators and manufacturers; located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.
The Thornley Company
Distributor and representative for specialty chemical manufacturers, defoamers, polymers, odor neutralizers, pigments, fragrances, specializing in surfactants and other fine reagents.
Michelman, Inc.
Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Manufactures waterborne wax emulsions, wax dispersions, water-based coatings for corrugated boxes and other paperboard products, and in-line coating equipment for webbed substrates.
International chemical manufacturer offering chlorines complexes, herbicides, surfactants and auxiliaries for textile and construction.
Meguiar's, Inc.
Products are produced specifically for the automotive industry but also include aviation, fiberglass, marine, plastics and furniture industries. Manufacturer of surface care products.
Buckman Laboratories International, Inc.
Services are provided to the pulp and paper, leather, paint/plastics, water treatment, wood and agriculture industries. Provider of custom specialty chemicals manufacturing services.
Norman, Fox & Co.
Specialty chemical manufacturer of liquid soap, methyl esters, alkanolamides and related oleochemicals also functions as a distributor of other higly specialized oleochemicals mainly for soap-making.
DeForest Enterprises
Located in Florida. Offers a diversified and comprehensive line of surfactant specialty chemicals for a variety of industries.
Specialty Chemical Sales
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Chemical distributor and sales agency, specializes in additives, pigments, fillers, polymer resins, acrylics, epoxies, silicones and other specialized reagents.
Ajinomoto U.S.A.
Global manufacturer and distributor of food ingredients, also produces MSG, amino acids, and specialty chemicals and Ajitide nucleotides a proprietary type of accelerators for latent epoxy resin systems.
Tomah3 Products
Producer of ether amines and ether amine derivatives, specializes in the production of cationic surfactants and amphoteric surfactants.
Galaxy Surfactants
Manufacturer of surfactants for personal care in India, catering to requirements of surfactants and specialty Chemicals required by personal care, soaps and detergent industries.
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