Fine Rheological Agents and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Akron Dispersions
Manufacturer of dispersions and emulsions, and processor of finely powdered chemicals, elastomers and formulations.
Floridin - Division of ITC Industrials
Provider of attapulgite, automotive, dispersants, hydroxylpropyl methylcellulose and mica to the agricultural and coatings industries.
Part of the Elementis Specialties Group. Manufacturer of rheological and other formulation additives.
Xanthan Gum
Provider of xanthan gum used as an emulsifier, lubricant, suspending agent and thickener.
D.N. Lukens
Raw chemical distributor of dyes, acrylic and styrene resins, pigments and intermediates and rheology modifiers.
Magna Projects and Instruments
UK manufacturer of rheometers for measuring rheological properties of materials.
Also manufactures rheological additives, desiccants, humidity indicators, industrial minerals, and skin protectants. Producer of catalysts, adsorbents, and additives for industrial and consumer markets.
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