Fine Rare Earth Compounds and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Palm International
Also, provides plating supplies. International manufacturer of nickel and rare earth chemicals, including anodes for electroplating and lanthanide salts.
International manufacturer of specialty metal-based chemicals, including inorganic salts, carboxylates (soaps) of transition metals and cobalt/nickel salts.
GFS Chemicals
Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals including perchloric acid and its salts, indicators (phenanthrolines and bipyridines), ACS reagents, inorganic salts and solutions and bipyridines), rare earths and pyridine-free KF reagents.
Supplier of lanthanides (rare earth) and molybdenum mining and metals.
Aptech Services
Rare earth chemical material supplier for industrial and research use.
Tianjiao International Trading
Supplier of rare earth products (lanthanides), large quantities of iron and steel, silicon ferro alloys and polishing powder.
Arris International
Supplier of high-purity rare earth materials and other metals.
Stanford Materials
Supplier of rare earth, non-ferrous and ceramic materials.
Supplier of non-ferrous and rare earth metals and their oxides for the electronic and coating industries.
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