Fine Performance chemicals and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Westford Chemical, The
Supplier of a high-performance specialty encapsulating and desorption agent.
AG Environmental Products
Manufacturer of methylated soybean oil, used for alternative fuel, solvent and agricultural spray adjuvants.
International manufacturer of specialty performance chemicals for the automotive, catering hygiene, industrial maintenance and manufacturing and janitorial industries.
PMC Group
International manufacturer of specialty chemicals and polymers including engineered plastics, plastic films, defoamers and custom molding services.
Benelux Research Business (BRB)
Supplier of silicones, additives and performance chemicals, lubricants and quality semi-finished products to custom-made end products.
Fuji Silysia Chemical
Japanese based developer and manufacturer of dedicated chemical reagents, sylopute, specializes in chromatography silica gel, sylysia and Fuji silica gel.
Supplier of performance carbon based chemicals mainly for the construction industry, coatings, products include adhesives and concrete treatment additives.
Amber Chemical Company
Specialty chemical manufacturer mainly for the industrial consumables, maintenance and repair markets aslo produces compounded silicones.
Al Sanea Chemical Products
Producer and distributor of specialized performance chemicals, coatings, oil field chemicals and water treatment products.
Highside Chemicals
Supplier of performance chemicals including deicers, fluxes, powder coil cleaners, pipe joint sealants and leak detectors.
Manufactures a complete range of high performance professional chemical maintenance products for the automotive, manufacturing & industrial, marine and janitorial industries.
Aviotech International
International supplier of perfomance and protective chemicals mainly for the aerospace industry.
Pax Group
Manufacturer and marketing of specialty performance chemicals including antioxidants, solvents, biocides, corrosion inhibitors and surface active agents.
Manufactures and markets specialty performance chemical products such as aerosols, solvents, and grease & lubricants.
Petro Chemical
Formulator, motorcycle, industrial, packager and distributor of professional and retail performance chemicals for the automotive, marine, manufacturer and other specialty industries.
Arrow Chemicals
International manufacturer and developer of specialty performance chemicals, food additives and preservatives, including degreasing agents, cleaning solutions and supplies and preservatives, and industrial working fluids.
Dow Corning: Performance Chemicals
Supplies performance chemical products and technologies, including silicones and silicon-based products.
Benz Research & Development
Manufacturer of raw materials for the optical and medical industries.
Share Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of specialty performance chemicals fertilizers and ground maintenance products, insecticides, lubricants and cleaners.
SlipNot! Products
Producer of anti-slip formulations.
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