Fine Performance and Specialty Cleaners and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Diversey Lever
International developer and manufacturer of cleaning and hygiene equipment and specialized high performance chemicals.
Diablo Products
Supplies industrial cleaning products for the food services industry, oven, including silverware and fryer cleaners.
Glo Germ
Produces the Glo Germ product that helps you teach handwashing, isolation techniques, aseptic techniques and general infection control.
Manufacturer of cleaners, disinfectants, waxes, polishes and other specialized reagents.
Supplier of cleaners and anti-corrosion treatments products.
Supplier of specialty cleaning and janitorial chemicals.
Ecology Works
Provides a spray-on boron solution that controls dust mites.
AX-IT International
Water based cleaning products and services for industrial, commercial, and institutional industries.
McDowell Supply
Carpet cleaning supplies and equipment.
M.G. Chemicals
Located i. Manufacturer of dusters and cold sprays, specialized chemical cleaners for electronics, protective coatings, flux and flux removers, photochemicals, copper clad boards, cleaning swabs, technical cleaning brushes, and desoldering braid.
Hydrite Chemical
Plant locations throughout the US, headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Producer and distributor of organics, processed sulfur, sanitation products, and water treatment chemicals.
Dico Products
Manufactures chemical products for cleaning and brightening jewelry, and for restoring antique surfaces.
Brulin Corp. (The)
Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of over 200 types of cleaning, medical and process chemicals.
Manufacturer of household and industrial cleaners and allied products in India.
Arrow Chemicals
International manufacturer and developer of specialty performance chemicals, food additives and preservatives, including degreasing agents, cleaning solutions and supplies and preservatives, and industrial working fluids.
Massachusetts based private laboratory involved in the custom production of maintenance chemicals for automotive, desinfectant, grounds , hand cleaning, detergent, drain and restroom maintenance applications.
General Chemical Corp.
Produces radiator soldering fluxes, aluminum cleaners, battery soldering fluxes, rolling mill lubricants, tote and tanker cleaning and tanker cleaning, and maintenance products for paint manufacturers, worldwide suppliers.
Bio-Tek Industries, Inc.
Located inAtlanta, GA 30318, USA. Manufactures phenolic disinfectants for many of today's largest chemical manufacturers, specializes in the formulation and manufacture of disinfectants, sanitizers, water additives, and applicators.
Kem Manufacturing
Suppliers of specialty chemicals for maintenance engineering, marine, industrial, agricultural and food processing.
Alglas U. K.
Producer of specialized cleaning products for aviation industry.
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