Fine Paper and Pulp Chemicals and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

American Colloid
Located in Illinois USA. Producer of bentonite clay, trademark Volclay®.
Mississippi Lime Co.
Illinois based producer of calcium derived products, calcium carbonate, products include: calcium oxides, hydrated lime
Plasmine Technology
Products are based primarily on rosin and styrene acrylic acid technology. Manufacturer and distributor of sizing products to the paper industry.
Nacan Products Ltd.
Canadian based producer and global distributor of natural and synthetic polymer technology for adhesives, electronic and engineering materials, resins and specialty chemicals and industrial starches.
Merichem Chemical & Refinery Services
Processes them into high-purity phenol and cresylic acids, including naphthenic acids, copper naphthenate and soda chemicals. Manufacturer of phenolic caustic solutions.
Manufacturer of producing pulp additives, including binders, denatured starch and sizing agents.
Georgia-Pacific Chemical Products
Involved in the production of thermosetting resins, neutral and alkaline papermaking, paper & pulp chemicals, and lignosulfonates; products include: rosin-based sizes for acid, wet and dry strength resins and alkaline papermaking, wet and dry strength resins, surface sizing agents, and creping and .
International chemical producers, water treatment reagents, involved in the global distribution of pulp & paper products and paints & coatings.
Nippon Paper Industries
Producer of pulp specialty chemical products including pulp and procesing reagents, lignin, liquid packaging, chlorinated polyolefins, cellulose (carboxymethylcellulose-CMC
BASF Dispersion and Paper Chemicals
International developer and manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals including dispersion and paper products.
Manufacter of anti-foam agents (defoamers) and specialty surfactants serving mainly the pulp and paper, fertilizer and paint industries.
Cerestar USA
European manufacturer of starches and starch derivatives.
HangZhou Xinhua Paper Industry
Long fiber specialty paper manufacturer with production capacity of pulping papermaking and coating.
Dow Corning: Pulp & Paper
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and pulp and paper chemicals.
Sternson Ltd., Brantford
Canadian manufacturer, paper making, seller and supplier of chemicals for water and waste water treatment, specializes in polyaluminum chloride for potable water treatment and waste water treatment and other specialty treatment.
Sterling Pulp Chemicals, Ltd.
Provides chlorine dioxide resources for water treatment and disinfection, mainly serving the paper industry.
Raisio Chemicals Ltd.,
Finland based developer and producer of advanced chemical products, hydrophobic sizes, equipment, concepts and services for pulp and paper industry; supplies starches, acrylamide based polymer additives
Sam Kwang Chemical Co. Ltd.
Korea based chemical manufacturer involved in the supply of specialty chemicals for the pulp & paper and other industries including: fatty acids esters, nonionic surfactants, paper surfactants, amides and other related products.
Pluss - Staufer AG
American based specialty company dedicated to the supply of calcium carbonate (CaO3) for paper & board, polymer & resins, paint &laquer and other applications.
Esko Industries
Canada based distributor of supplies & equipment for the pulp & paper, petrochemical, beverage, power, metal refining, petroleum, food, chemical and water & wastewater treatment industries
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