Fine Organic and Specialty Chemicals and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Tong Yuan Chemical
Manufacturer of specialty amines, n-ethyl-m-methyaniline and n, including n-ethylaniline, nn-diethylaniline and n,n-diethyl-m-methyaniline.
AndCare, Inc.
Products researched are for applications in organic synthesis, biosensors and bioremediation. This company was capitalized by private investment. Researcher and developer of immobilized enzyme systems.
PanVera Corp.
Products are sold to pharmaceutical companies and research and academic laboratories. This company was capitalized . Manufacturer of human proteins, protein/peptide sequences, restriction enzymes and reagents including molecular biology reagents.
Group of producing pharmaceuticals, textiles and fibers, information technology equipment, optical technology, fine and specialty chemicals including isocyanates and fibers, fine and specialty chemicals including isocyanates, acrylates, methacrylates, acrylamides, amines, HCN derivatives and photo initiator.
NewBiotics, Inc.
The drugs are used in the treatment of cancer and infectious disease. Products are sold to the medical and pharmaceuticals industry. This company . Researcher and developer of therapeutic enzyme substrates and enzyme catalyzed therapeutic agents.
Goodwill Group
Producer and exporter of fine organics including chlorobenzene, acetamide, dichloronitrobenzene and orthodichlorobenzene.
Sumitomo Chemical
Based in Japan, agrochemicals, the company is involved in the production and international distribution of fine chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Biopure Corp.
Bovine hemoglobin is used in clinical research laboratories, where it can serve as a safe, lower-cost substitute for human blood in a variety of applications. The company is also applyi. Developer and manufacturer of oxygen delivery therapeutics.
Cortex Biochem, Inc.
The company also provides bioremediation services for liquid waste. Products and services are sold to biological industry. This company wa. Producer of extracted and purified proteins, enzymes, reagents, antisera and magnetic separation reagents.
Conoco, Inc.
Product. Manufacturer of oils, greases, lubricants, petrochemicals, asphalt, asphalt sealer and recycling agents, fire control and automatic transmission fluids, antifreeze/coolants, cleaning solvents, coal, diesel fuel, gasoline and natural gas.
Pharma Tech International
Also supplies complex organic intermediates, APIs, biochemicals and natural products. Provider of custom synthesis services.
Clear Solutions Biotech, Inc.
The companies proprietary technology allows covalent modification of the polymer to ensure improved pro. Research and development organization specializing in drug delivery, tissue engineering and anticancer agents using hyaluronic acid polymers.
Oryza Laboratories
Provider of custom synthesis, peptide reagents and contract R&D services. Specialty laboratory small-scale developer and producer of specialty chemicals.
Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Group
Manufacturer of chlor-alkalies, agrochemicals, chlorine based compounds, organic intermediates and industrial gases.
R.L. Chemical Industries
Manufacturer of fine acids and other organics, ortho/para dichlorobenzene, including -/+ mandelic acid andelate and methenamine mandelate USP 23.
Daicel Chemical
Leading manufacturer and distributor of cellulosic derivatives, organic chemicals, plastics & film and chiral fine chemicals.
Energy Additives, Inc.
Products are sold to the energy industry. This company was capitalized by private invest. Producer of fuel additives for diesel, propane, gasoline, oil, and other fuels developed for combustion efficiency, and decreased carbon monoxide emissions.
National Enzyme Co., Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. Producer of enzyme based dietary supplements.
Mainstream Engineering Corp.
Research includes chemical synthesi. Research and development organization specializing in thermal control applications for spacecraft and other government applications; and manufacturer of refrigerant recycling and refrigerant recovery machines.
Yinyan Specialty Chemicals
Manufacturer of pesticide intermediates, agrochemicals, ethanolamine , non-ionic surfactants, spin finish, textile auxiliaries and ethylene chlorohydrin.
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