Fine Oil Dispersant and Degreasers and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Ransohoff: Degreasers
Provides cleaning systems and degreasers such as ultrasonic cleaning systems, spray washers and immersion systems.
Arrow Chemicals
International manufacturer and developer of specialty performance chemicals, food additives and preservatives, including degreasing agents, cleaning solutions and supplies and preservatives, and industrial working fluids.
Guardian Chemicals
Located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. Supplier of a wide variety of chemical cleaning products, specializes n strippers & dgreasers, water treatment, and other dedicated cleaning solvents.
American Textile & Supply, Inc.
Supplier of cotton rags, absorbents, towels, paper and non-woven wipers and industrial and oil spill sorbents.
Solution 2000
Supplier of Solution-2000, a high-performance colloidal cleaner and degreaser.
Environmental Chemicals & Lubricants
Located in Easton, Pennsylvania USA. Provider of dedicated industrial cleaning solvents, specializes in lubricants, aerosols, degreasers, water conditioning, and other cleaning reagents.
Clift Industries
Sspecialty chemical formulator of spill-control and oil-remover products.
Industrial Cleaners
Offers heavy duty cleaners, defoamers, descalers, pipe cleaners, paint strippers, resin cleaners, rinse additives, rust inhibitors , solvents, degreasers, chemicals and more.
Degreasing Devices
Buyer and seler of industrial process cleaning equipment like aqueous parts washers, solvent using systems, ultrasonic cleaners, dryers, vapor degreasers and stills
New Pig Corp.
Supplier of personal protection equipment, barriers, wipes, industrial cleaners, degreasers, for spill response , containment, wipers, safety and maintaining a clean plant.
Degreasers & Oil Absorbents: Interstate Products
Produces environmentally friendly maintenance and cleaning products, including industrial and powder degreasers.
Telechem Manufacturing
Chemical manufacturer and distributor specializing in degreasers, adhesive removers, solvents, all purpose cleaners and windshield washer fluid.
ThomasNet: Degreasers
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Lord & Partners Ltd.
Manufactures environment friendly cleaners, degreasers and solvents.
Sullivan Corporation
Services industrial and commercial customers with salt, oil and grease absorbent products; based in Michigan.
Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics: Cleaning Agents
Provider of ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the industrial and precision industries
Pioneer Products Inc.
Specializing in biodegradeable citrus, degreasers, disinfectants, deodorizers, sanitizers, waste water and firefighting products. Company serving a multinational market with specialty chemicals.
The Hydra International Network
Formulators and manufacturers of high performance cleaning products including oil/fuel dispersants, skin care treatments and animal care.
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