Fine Odor Cleaners and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Odor Management, Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of an all-natural odor neutralizer called ECOSORB(R).
Suncoast Chemicals
Based in Houston, Texas USA. Manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals, and odor control chemicals.
Chempace Corporation
Located in Ohio USA. Suppier of a full line of super-strength deodorizers and cleaners containing odor blockers and fragrances.
Benman Industries
Manufacturers of maintenance chemicals, including odor controlling liquids and sprays, and anti-odor granules for dumpsters.
Fresh Products, Inc.
Distributors of cleaning and deodorizing products.
Industrial Odor Control: Interstate Products
Odor control items to mask and eliminate odor. Produces environmentally friendly maintenance and cleaning products.
Horizon Aromatics
Delaware-based provider of fragrance products and chemical neutralization solutions for eliminating household odors.
Produces Ecosorb®, a proprietary formulation of several essential oils and food grade surfactants used as an alternative in many applications to the traditional forms of odor control.
Definitive Deodorant Co. (The)
Products are sold to rendering plants, veterinarians, private cleaners, nursing homes and the me. Producer of aqueous deodorizers, Formula 105(tm), which are used to deodorize water and Positive Deodorant(tm), which is used to deodorize the air.
Industrial Odour Control
AEROX specialized: odour reduction feed, food and rendering industry.
Taylor Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial cleaning compounds including deodorants, laundry products, carpet maintenance supplies , bowl & bathroom cleaners, acid cleaners, hand & body soaps and more; located in Tennessee.
Chemical Industries
Supplier of dust- and odor-control performance products as well as deicers.
Developer and blender of odor-control organic agents.
Imtek Environmental
Manufacturer of odor control products, super absorbent polymers, gel ice packs and hot/cold compressors.
Advanced Chemical Technologies
Claims to remove blood, grease, chocolate, and pet stains. Markets a stain and odor remover suitable for carpets, upholstery, and clothes.
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