Fine Flame Retardant and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Jon-Don, Inc.: Flame Retardants
Offers carpet cleaning, and janitorial supplies, restoration
Callery Chemical Co.
Products are sold to multiple industries. Producer of sodium, potassium and boron compounds.
Thomas Global Register: Flame Retardants
Search for suppliers of Flame Retardants. Industrial product directory allows users to send RFQs, view catalogues and compare suppliers.
Specialty chemical manufacturer of industrial cleaning agents, surfactants and emulsifiers, fuel emulsion additives, natural oils and waxes and emulsifiers, esters and halogen-free fire retardants.
Dick Peters
Manufacturer of wax emulsions, flame retardants, anti-caking agents and textile-auxiliaries.
Jahwa Impex Co., Ltd.
produce brominated flame retardants kinds of bromides and chlorides
Plasticizers & Allied Chemicals
Manufacturer of phosphate plasticizers, flame retardants, radiator coolant and diffusion pump oil.
Supplier of flame retardants/smoke suppressant additives based on patented surface treatment technology.
Unitex Chemical
For use in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Manufacturer of flame retardants, plasticizers, and polymeric and organic intermediates for adhesives, paints and plastics.
VST Chemical
Supplier of performance cleaning agents, janitorial supplies, firefighting products and others.
Dover Chemical
Manufacturer of chlorinated paraffins, alkylphenols and liquid and solid organophosphites including polymer additives, flame retardants and antioxidants.
Flame Retardants: Martin Marietta Materials
Offers flame retardant and water treatment chemicals and supplies such as Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Hydoxide.
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