Fine Explosive Developers and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co.
The products include pyrotechnic separation and severance assemblies, pressure cartridges and igniters, detonators, cartridge actuated devices, time-delay mechanisms, safe-arm and arm-fire devices and ordnan. Manufacturer of pyrotechnic devices.
Terra Dinamica
Contract services/outsourcing firm in the international mining and construction industries that specialize in explosives and related items.
LSB Industries
Manufactures and sells climate control products and chemicals such as ammonium nitrate and various other explosives.
Indian Explosives Limited (IEL)
Supplier of explosives for mining, construction and infrastructure industries.
Ensign-Bickford Company (The)
Products include detonators and cords, flexible explosives and cords, safety fuses, boosters and delay detonators. Products are sold to the mining, quarrying, construction, . Designer and manufacturer of non-electric initiation explosive systems.
Located in Montreux, Switzerland. Swiss supplier of nitrates, hydrogenation reagents, explosives, and other chemical processes for the agriculture industry; also provides related manufacturing advising services.
A leading North American explosives manufacturer, quarry, oil , and blasting service company supplying the metal mining, construction, distributor and gas exploration, coal, and material management industries.
Organic Chemical
Manufacturers of specialty and bulk organic chemicals, specializes in glycerine.
GOEX, Inc.
Produces black powder for small arms, safety fuses, fireworks and the military.
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Rimrock Explosives
Distributes drill accessories, geotextiles, and non-explosive cracking agents. Manufacturer and distributor of commercial explosives.
Mg Technologies
Chemical subsidiaries manufacture explosives, pharmaceuticals, engineering plastics and pigments. International supplier of specialty chemicals and engineering consulting services.
Apros Corporation
Located in Seoul 130-103, Korea. Supplier and exporter of specialty chemicals for extruded double-base (EDB), composite propellants for military/aerospace rockets, silicon based rubbers, and other propellants.
Alpha Explosives
Provider of blasting products supplies for mining, avalanche control, seismic exploration, construction applications, quarrying and related equipment.
VK Blasting and Explosives
Supplier of specialized explosives and blasting supplies & equipment.
Manufacturing plant located in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Bulgarian manufacturer of industrial explosives, specializes in black smoke.
African Explosives Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of commercial explosives, blasting solutions and services in Africa to the mining, initiating systems and construction industry.
International manufacturer of performance chemicals, color masterbatches, products include polypropylene fibers and industrial explosives.
Performs high risk chemical reactions in the areas of nitration and oxidation compounds and explosives.
Manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals including agrochemicals, ammonium nitrate, carbon dioxide, adhesives , chlor alkali, sulphur compounds, fertilizers and resins, as well aluminum compounds.
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