Fine Cleaning Chemicals and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Buckeye International
Manufactures maintenance cleaning products for industrial and institutional use.
Chase Products Co.
The company also produces personal care aerosols. Products and services are sold to multiple industries. Producer of paints and cleaning chemicals in aerosol cans and provider of aerosol packaging services.
Carpet Cleaning Machines: Floor Cleaning Agents
Supplies floor and carpet cleaning supplies, carpet cleaning equipment, shampoos , buffers, floor restoration chemicals, floor machines and finishes.
20/10 Products Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Producer of industrial cleaning chemicals, including hand and glass cleansers.
Professional Supply
Based in Sheboygan Wisconsin; the company is involved in the supply of cleaning and related consumer care products.
Also, provides hazardous waste disposal services. Producer of heat treating, dip brazing and quench salts, and oils and cleaning compounds.
C&H Chemical, Inc.
Provider of specialty chemical custom manufacturing services. Products and services are sold to multiple industries. Producer of industrial and commercial cleaning chemicals.
Godax Laboratories, Inc.
Products are sold to research laboratories in universities, government, and private industry.. Producer of glass cleaning chemicals and safety vent caps.
Rochester Midland Corp.
Products are sold to multiple industries. Producer of specialty chemicals and programs for institutional, water treatment, food processing, and general industrial cleaning applications.
Benelux Research Business (BRB)
Supplier of silicones, additives and performance chemicals, lubricants and quality semi-finished products to custom-made end products.
ABC Compounding Co., Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of cleaning chemicals including degreasers and detergents as well as lubricants, emulsifiers, undercoat sealers, finishes, insecticides and herbicides.
Applied Chemicals International
International manufacturer of industrial cleaning agents, including dilution-control agents.
Zip-Chem Products Plastics
Producer of maintenance chemicals for the aerospace industry, lubricants, specializing in corrosion inhibitors and cleaners.
Detco Industries, Inc.
Produces liquid products, powders, and package own line of aerosol products. Detco's on site laboratory performs quality control, rese. Incorporated in 1988, Detco services a wide base of customers from manufacturing plant, located in Conway, AR.
Midlab, Inc.
Manufacturer of liquid, powdered and aerosol cleaners and maintenance products.
Chemverse Consultants
Company develops maintenance chemicals, industrial aerosols and protective coatings.
Manufacturer of janitorial supply chemicals and coatings, water based epoxy, including ESD finishes and polyurethanes for wood and concrete.
Products are sold to the masonry industry. This company was capitalized by private investment. Producer of cleaning agents and water repellents for masonry restoration.
Aerocote Corp.
Products are sold to the petroleum, fastener manufacturing, petrochemical, defens. Producer of phosphate coatings and cleaners, degreasing chemicals, rust removers, rust protection oils, corrosion inhibitors and other metal preparation chemicals.
King Lee Technologies, Inc.
Products include antiscalent chemicals, antifoulant chemicals, dispersant chemicals, inhibitor chemicals and cleaning chemicals. Provider of reverse osmosis consulting serv. Manufacturer of reverse osmosis and ultrapure water specialty chemicals.
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