Fine Chiral Compounds and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Dojindo Laboratories
Also, offers custom synthesis consulting. Research and development company producing highly specialized, high-purity chemicals for research, electronics and biochemistry.
Advanced Asymmetrics, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of compounds for chiral synthesis in research and development quantities, auxiliaries, products include chiral precursors and catalysts.
Hangzhou Chiral Fine Chemical
Producer of pharmaceutical intermediates and chiral compounds.
Fine chemical manufacturer of chiral compounds, including pharmaceuticals, bulk and intermediates.
Chiral Analysis
GLP/cGMP Accredited Contract Research Analytical Laboratory
Supplier of carbon building blocks including 3-, and 5-carbon chiral building blocks for the pharmaceutical, 4- and flavor/fragrance industries.
Chiral Alcohols
Producer of chiral alcohols, oxidoreductase, enzymes and carbohydrates.
Changzhou ChangMao Biochemical
Producer and developer of bioengineered and fine chemicals, including food-grade fumaric acid, l-aspartic acid and other chiral compounds.
Custom fine chemical manufacturer of chiral intermediates, peptides and peptide intermediates, phospholipids and generic active ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.
Nantong ChangChem
Exporter of chemical products, amino acids, including chiral compounds and dyestuffs.
Shanghai Xinyun Chemical
Manufacturer of fine and chiral compounds, 2-epoxypropyl phosphonate, including R-(+)--phenethylammonium, 2S-(-)-cis-1 and 1-methyl-4-chloperastine.
Beckman Coulter
Producer of highly sulfated cyclodextrins (HSCDs) used in capillary electrophoresis for the separation of chiral enantiomers.
Products include benzotrifluorides, fluoroaromatic compounds, bromoaromatic, and indole and oxindole derivatives. Custom-synthesis producer of advanced fine organic chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Also, provides engineering contracting services. Producer and wholesaler of soda products, fine intermediates, chiral compounds, synthetic resins and pharmaceuticals.
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