Fine Auxiliaries and Textile Intermediates and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Zhongda Seaweed: Mannitol, Sodium Alginate, Iodine
Manufacturers of sodium alginate, reactive dyes, citric acid, dextrose, monosodium glutamate , iodine, dyestuff, mannitol and seaweed fertilizer.
Burlington Chemical Co., Inc.
Products include oxidative alkali for use in detergents, dry bleach, textile bleaching and other cleaning applications; detergent polymers including. Producer of detergent, textile dyes and chemicals and laundry product precursors and additives.
Venus Ethoxythers
Specialty chemical manufacturer, paper, agro, water treatment, plastics, rubber , leather, dyes, provides ethoxylates and propoxylates for the textile and allied industries.
Yinyan Specialty Chemicals
Manufacturer of pesticide intermediates, agrochemicals, ethanolamine , non-ionic surfactants, spin finish, textile auxiliaries and ethylene chlorohydrin.
Glo-Tex International
International manufacturer and distributor of chemical auxiliaries for textiles, yarn and nonwoven substrates.
Matsumoto Yushi-Seiyaku
Based in Japan. Producer and supplier of textile chemicals, including finishes for chemical and synthetic fibers.
International chemical manufacturer offering chlorines complexes, herbicides, surfactants and auxiliaries for textile and construction.
Pidilite Industries
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals including adhesives, industrial and textile resins, sealants, construction and paint chemicals and textile resins, organic pigments and preparations.
Manufacturer and exporter of surfactants, laurates, oleates, caprylates, palmitates , soap powder, myristates, metallic stearates and ricinoleates.
Subsidiary of Degussa-Huls Corporation dedicated to specialty polymers and chemicals for personal care products, textile auxiliaries and water treatment products.
Ross Chem
South Carolina based specialty chemical manufacturer, defoamers for textiles and pulp & paper, the company supplies paints and coatings, adhesives and glues, waste management products and pulp & paper, waste management products, polymer processing additives, food and pharmaceutical interm.
Producer of herbicides, metal surface treatment chemicals, food additives, cement surfactants , insecticides, textile auxiliaries, fungicides and water and fuel conditioners.
Ionic Solutions Ltd
Manufacturing chemical additives for textile manufacturing processes
Clariant Corporation
Global specialty producer of raw chemicals, pigments and additives, specializing in textiles, leather and paper chemicals, masterbatches and additives, masterbatches, functional chemicals, life science and electronic chemicals and cellulose ethers and polymerisates.
Manufacturers Chemicals
Producer of performance dedicated chemical products, metal, specializes in the textile and water treatment industries.
Dick Peters
Manufacturer of wax emulsions, flame retardants, anti-caking agents and textile-auxiliaries.
Finornic Chemicals (India)
Operates a testing and quality-control laboratory and process development department. Manufacturer of fine and specialty chemicals for the textile and pharmaceutical industries.
Zschimmer & Schwarz
Manufactures auxiliaries for the fiber, ceramic, leather and fur industry as well as surfactants for the cosmetics and cleaning industry.
Dow Corning: Textile Intermediates & Auxiliaries
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and textile intermediates and auxiliaries.
Chematron Specialty Chemicals
Manufactures a broad line of textile chemicals to meet virtually any need.
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