Essential Oil Suppliers and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Manufacturer and marketer of natural oils, fragrance, herbs, botanicals and extracts for the flavor and neutraceutical industries.
Sarcom, Inc.
Based in Florida. Broker of essential oils and aromatic chemicals to the fragrance and flavor industries.
Synthite Industrial Chemicals
Based in India. Producers of spice oleoresins, essential oils, natural food colors, floral concretes/absolutes and health & functional food ingredients.
Also provides blending and flaking services. Specialty chemical manufacturer of essential oils, detergents, esters, fine lubricants, phosphate esters, fatty acids and wetting agents.
Hunan Province Shineway Enterprise Development Co.
Based in China. Manufacturer of fine chemicals, essential oils, medicine intermediates and edible chemical products.
Destilerías Muñoz Galvez
Located in Spain. Manufacturer and exporter of essential oils, fine chemicals and fragrances.
Keith Harris & Co.
Based in Australia. Manufacturer of essential oils, perfume compounds and aromatic chemicals, as well as flavorings, essences and seasonings for the food and beverage industries.
Sebat Ticaret
Based in Turkey. Producers of raw materials (essential oils, concrete, aromatic water) for the perfumery and cosmetics industries.
Ultra International Limited
Manufacturer and developer of essential oils, fragrances and flavors.
Cedarleaf Professionals
Canada based specialty laboratory, involved in the distillation of cedarleaf and cedarwood oils for the perfumery industry.
Taiwan Tekho Camphor
Manufacturer of camphor derivatives, essential oils, as well as aromatic chemicals.
Handa Fine Chemicals
Supplyer of essential oils, vegetable oils, herbal extracts and carrier oils.
Citrus and Allied Essences
New York based specialty laboratory involved in the production of essential oils, aromatic chemicals, oleoresins and specialty flavor ingredients for the flavoring and fragrance industries.
Excel Exports (India)
Specializing in menthol crystals, mentha oils, lemongrass, palmarosa, basil and vertiver. Manufacturer and exporter of essential oils.
Wm. Leman Company
Based in Indiana. Suppliers of natural and redistilled peppermint and spearmint oils to manufacturers of products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, breath mints and various candy products.
Main Camp Tea Tree Oil
Helps product formulators and manufacturers enhance product performance by utilizing the functional benefits of Australian tea tree oil and other tea tree based raw materials.
Wholesale Essential Oils
Wellington Fragrance - essential oils starting at $2.25 per 1/2 Oz.
Nantong Menthol Factory
Based in China. Manufacturers of menthol products and peppermint oils for use in perfumes, soft drinks, medicine, cosmetics and sanitary products.
Royal Aromatics
Wholesale manufacturers of organic oils, candle making fragrance oils, aromatherapy essential oils, fragrance oils andle making fragrance oils, and fragrance oils.
Voigt Global Distribution
Providers of botanical powders & oils, confectionery flavors, and food & cosmetics ingredients.
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