Cosmetics and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Jacques Paltz
Produces a range of natural health and beauty formulas from France.
Henkel Austria
Austrian based manufacturer and marketer of detergents and household cleansers, cosmetics and toiletries and adhesives.
The production deals with synthetic actives, natural-derived actives, vehicles, and complexes of targeted actives. Produces pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients.
Fine Organics
Producer of oleochemical derivatives and specialty chemicals.
JAJA Group
Worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals for cosmetics, water treatment and food additives.
Biosil Technologies
Also functions as United States distributors for: Codif - seaweed and algae extracts, Exsymol - silanols and pseudodipeptides, GfN - naturally derived active ingredients and Vinyal. Supplier of specialty raw materials, manufactures biosil basics.
Specialty chemical distributor supplying chemical ingredients to the personal care, cosmetic, household and institutional markets.
Ind Expo Dyechem
Manufacturer and exporter of oleochemicals, products include undecylenic acid, heptaldehyde & fatty acids.
Cosmetic Rheologies
Company is focused on tailored polymers and specialty products for the personal care industry.
Gemtekr Products
Providing the industrial, solvents, finish protectants , degreasers, bio-remediators, commercial and retail consumer with cleaners and personal care products.
Il Shin Emulsifier
Manufacturer of specialty esters and fatty acids including glycerol fatty acids, sorbitan fatty acid esters, sodium stearoyl lactylate and polyoxyethylene sorbitan fatty acids.
Active Organics
Producers of specialty cosmetic ingredients and botanical extracts.
Creation Herbal Products
Makers of soaps, moisturizers, extracts, essential oils and many other types of herbal products.
Independent Chemical Corp.
Manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and industrial chemicals.
Charlotte Chemical
Manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals including PVC and nonvinyl polymers, lubricants, paints and tannery products.
Jeen International
International distributor of specialty chemicals serving the cosmetic, personal care, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.
C.P. Hall
These products are used extensively in rubbers, plastics, adhesives and coatings, and selected personal. Supplier of performance additives to the polymer and personal care industries, worldwide.
Aroma Tech
Manufacturer of fragrances for use in personal care products, home environmental and industrial applications, provides innovative product concepts and delivery systems.
International developer and producer of dedicated chemicals for the cosmetics, coating, personal hygene, detergent and adhesive industries.
Manufacturer of chemical specialties with a global production network and worldwide distribution for skin and hair care products, cleaning and cosmetic care products, polyurethanes as well as lacquers and paints.
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