Construction chemistry and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Producer of surfactants, biocides, enzymes, auxiliaries, foam-control agents, acid-control agents and other fine specialized products. Specialty chemical manufacturer serving the leather, textile and construction industries.
Atlas Minerals & Chemicals
International developer and manufacturer of corrosion inhibitors, chemical construction chemicals and custom plastic fabrication.
Mintech Chemical Industries
Manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals, dispersants) and emulsion polymers (flocculants, products include sodium polyacrylates (antiscalents
Dow Corning: Construction Chemicals
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and construction chemicals.
Liaoning Qingyang Chemical
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals including explosives, nitro-based compounds, construction and janitorial supplies and medicinal natural products.
Fox Industries
Products include epoxies, curing and hardening compounds, membranes and sealants. Developer and manufacturer of products for the construction industry.
Nopco Colombiana
Also, produces castor oil and naphthalene formaldehyde sulfonated (NFS). Manufacturer of specialized chemical products for the textile, agriculture, construction and leather processing industries.
Advanced Cement Technologies
Producer of High Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM) with mineral deposits and production facilities in the Western United States. An industrial minerals company with specialization in the concrete additives sector.
D3 Chimie
France based manufacturer, building materials, distributor and packager of specialty chemicals for disinfections, wood treatment and automotive protective coatings.
Hill Brothers Chemical Company
Producer and distributor of anhydrous ammonia, chloride gas & sodium hypochloride, calcium chloride, magnesium hydroxide and polypropylene fibers for concrete.
Textile Rubber & Chemical
Also, supplies natural rubber and designs and develops custom cutting equipment. International manufacturer and developer of basic chemicals, latex compounds, polyurethanes, dispersions and emulsions and construction coatings.
Surface Chemists of Florida
Also manufactures specialty chemicals. Research and Development Laboratory active in industries and technologies where surface chemistry and polymer chemistry are the basic sciences.
Jiangsu Liqiang Group
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals and basic building materials, amino plastic, including portland cement, phenolic plastic and pantaerythritol.
Largest database of chemical suppliers & exporters from India
ABE Construction Chemicals
Manufacturers of products for the construction, civil engineering, manufacturing and agricultural industries.
Fosroc Chemicals (India)
A unit of Fosroc International. Manufacturer of construction and mining chemicals.
Also refines petroleum supplying fuels, lubricants and gases. Distillery of alcoholic beverages and manufacturer of cement.
Hill Brothers Chemical
Producer and developer of construction chemicals, alkalii, chlorine , basic acids, calcium chloride, ammonia and wastewater treatment systems.
Integrated group of manufacturers and developers with a chemical division supplying fine and specialty chemicals, extracts, salts, drug intermediates, food additives , aromas, enzymes, including texturizers for food products and cosmetic ingredie.
Shri Ahimsa Mines and Minerals
Also supplies natural stones such as granite, marble and sand stones. Manufacturer of natural caffeine and high-purity sodium chloride salt.
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