Chemicals for photography and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Manufacturer and exporter of fines and intermediates, biochemicals and enzymes as well as photographic and reprographic agents.
Blackman Uhler Chemical
Marketer of chemical products including textile dyes, pigments, printing inks and photographic chemicals.
Manufactures a wide range of x-ray chemicals for the diagnostic imaging market.
PCS - Photo Chemical Systems
Distributor of etchants, metal cleaners, plating additive chemicals and specialty developers.
Sumitomo Seika Chemicals
International chemical manufacturer of fine chemicals, photograph chemicals, powder plastics, engineering resins, fine sulfurs , agrochemicals, water-soluble polymers, drug intermediates and high-purity gases, including hydrogen.
Dow Corning: Photography & Lithography Chemicals
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and photography and lithography chemicals.
Xiamen Xing Da Chemicals
China based chemical supplier, specializes in fine and photographic chemicals.
Developer and manufacturer of imaging media including film, paper, vinyl and canvas operates an in-house research and development laboratory.
Group producing pharmaceuticals, textiles and fibers, information technology equipment, optical technology, fine and specialty chemicals including isocyanates and fibers, fine and specialty chemicals including isocyanates, acrylates, methacrylates, acrylamides, amines, HCN derivatives and photo initiators.
Manufacturer of chemicals for the reprographic and lithographic industry.
Pisgah Labs
Supplier of fine organic chemicals to the pharmaceutical and photographic industries.
AH Marks
Producer of fine specialty organic chemicals including agrochemicals, inhibitors and retarders, dyestuffs, chlorinated and nitrated reagents, lithographic chemicals and retarders, lithographic chemicals, phenoxy acids and esters.
Offers a wide range of fine organic chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, photographic and imaging chemicals and laser dyes.
M.G. Chemicals
Manufacturer of dusters and cold sprays, flux and flux removers, specialized chemical cleaners for electronics, protective coatings, photochemicals and flux removers, photochemicals, copper clad boards, cleaning swabs, technical cleaning brushes and desoldering braid.
BFGoodrich Kalama
Manufacturer of benzoic acid, benzaldehyde and selected derivatives of these two products.
Calsak Corporation
Provides exporting, importing & domestics distribution of industrial products, products include photographic chemicals.
Vani Group
Manufacturer of specialty and fine chemicals including drug intermediates, photographic reagents and phenyl hydrazin derivatives.
Benz Research & Development
Manufacturer of raw materials for the optical and medical industries.
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