Chemicals Synthetic Fragrances and Flavors Suppliers and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Bedoukian Research
Developer and manufacturer of fine chemicals, flavor ingredients, specializing in fragrances and specialty aromas.
Cosmetochem International
Products include phytogenic actives, phytoproteins and lactoproteins, fruit acids, lipids and liposomes, vita. Switzerland based, international developer and producer of plant extracts and active ingredients especially for the cosmetics industry.
PRIVI Organics
Manufactures and exports synthetic aroma chemicals like P.T.B.C.H acetate, styrallyl acetate, geranyl nitrile and a variety of ionones.
Kalama Chemical
Producer of sodium and potassium benzoates, benzoic acid, aldehydes , benzaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, glycol dibenzoate plasticizer esters and other flavor / fragrance compounds.
Advanced Biotech
Located in Paterson, NJ USA. Manufacturers and distributor of flavor and fragrance ingredients.
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