Chemicals Pigments and Inorganic Dyes and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Azalea Color Company
Headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Distributor of specialty raw chemicals, specializes in organics & inorganics, and dyes & pigments.
Delta Colours
Located in Lawrenceville, phosphorescent, fluorescents, anti corrosive coatings, Georgia; the company is involve in the supply of organic & inorganic pigments and extender pigments: talc, mica, barite, calcium carbonate.
Laboratorios Rayt
Based in Barcelona, sealants, Spain involved in the manufacture of glues, adhesives and paints.
Amantech Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Specializes in: cobalt, lead, calcium, copper, aluminum, magnesium, and iron. Located in India. Manufacturer of organo metalics compounds used in the paint and printing industry.
Flint Ink
Manufacturer and global distributor of dedicated inks, specializes in black; based in Michigan, USA.
Raabe Corporation
Based in Wisconsin, USA involved in aerosol formulation, custom filling and precision color matching.
Kafrit Industries
Located in Kfar Aza, Israel. Producer of a wide range of chemical compounds, colors and additives for the plastic industry in Israel, and to manufacturers worldwide.
D&L Industries
Based in the Philippines provides coloring dyes, aerosols, plastics & rubber, pulp & paper, adhesive, soaps & detergents, textile dyes, specializes in paint & ink, food & beverage additives, chemicals and plastic regionally and cosmetics produ.
ONIP Group
Based in France, involved in the production and distribution of paints and varnishes ofr industrial and architectural applications.
ChiZhou SanYuan Chemistry
Manufacturer of succinic acid and phthalocyanine organic dyes.
H.W. Sands Corporation
Developer and suppliers of high quality synthetic dyes, anti-halation dyes, chemical intermediates and other specialty chemicals for Silver Halide applications.
Horsta Chemicals
Chinese supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of organic & inorganic pigments and dyestuffs, and intermediates.
International distributor and trader of chemicals, feedstuff additives, catalysts, solvents, pigments, agrochemicals, resins, involved in the areas of inorganic acids and other specialized chemicals.
Coates Group
Manufacturer of printing inks and related products for litho printing, circuit manufacture, screen printing and pad printing.
Yick-Vic Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals (H.K.)
Hong Kong based importer & expoter, dyes & pigments, developer and distributor of pharmaceutical raw materials, agro & food chemicals and intermediates.
Hammond Group, Inc.
Located in Hammond, lead silicates, the company is involved in the manufacture and distribution of lead based chemicals, carbonates, Indiana USA and sulfates; also provides boron and phosphate pigments.
Burgess Pigment Co., Inc.
Products are sold to the paint, rubber, plastics and wire cable industries. Producer of aluminum silicates.
Dragon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
China based manufacturer of organic internediates, pesticides, and filtering equipment; also engaged in the export and import of dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, metal treatment powder and other related products.
Jiangsu Wuxi Xinguang Chemical Industry
Producer of specialty chemicals and supplier of fine chemicals specializing in organic pigments for printing ink, plastics, paint and intermediates.
Eastern Color and Chemical Co.
Products are sold to the textile industry. Producer of textile chemicals, pigments, printing chemicals, finishes and fiber lubricants.
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