Chemicals Pigments, Textile, and Fiber Dyes and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

ACHEM a.s. Synthesia Division
Czech chemic. Produces and trades a wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals, mainly organic dyestuffs and pigments, fertilisers and pesticides, industrial explosives, aniline and amines, pharmaceuticals, chemical specialities, and plastics.
ALPS Industries
Manufactures, fabrics, distributes and uses natural dyes for dyeing of textile fibers, conversion of dyed fibers into yarns and other allied textile products.
Abbey Color and Abbey Products
Manufacturer and distributor of dyes and pigments, adhesives, specializes in colorants, dyes, and sealant; located in Philadelphia and sealant; located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.
Corporate office located in Mumbai, India. Manufacturers and exporters of dye intermediates, dye stuff & pigments, menthol products, and stainless steel sheets & utensils.
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