Chemicals Performance Additives and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

HRP Industries
Indian manufacturer of activated fullers earth (bleaching clay) used in refining of edible oils, industrial oils.
Davis Colors
Supplier of colored concrete additives used in structures and paving projects.
Vanderbilt Chemicals & Minerals
Operates six manufacturing processin. Producers of mineral and chemical products, specializing in kaolin and anhydrous aluminum silicate materials; also provides NYTAL® and CERAMITALC® talcs used mostly in paint and ceramics industries.
Supplier of calcium carbonate for the paint and pigment industry.
Elementis Performance Additives
Manufactures an extensive line of colorants, wax additives, multifunctional pigment dispersing agents and other performance enhancing additives.
Arkema Inc. produces performance additives
Manufacturer and exporter of surfactants, laurates, oleates, caprylates, palmitates , soap powder, myristates, metallic stearates and ricinoleates.
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