Chemicals Optical Brighteners and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Sun Rise Chemical
Manufacturer of Fluorescent Whitening Agent for Textile, Melamine Resin, Paper and Detergent and Water & Oil Repellent.
Khyati Chemicals
Chemical manufacturing company based in India, detergent, paper dyes, wax emulsion, de-inking , paper, rayon industry, offers optical whiteners for textiles and cloth cleaning chemicals.
Paramount Minerals And Chemicals
Manufacturers and exporters of optical brightening agents for the cotton textile, paper & detergent industries.
Hickson and Welch
Contract custom manufacturer and producer of fine chemicals including optical brightening agents, pharmaceutical and dyes and pigment intermediates.
Kohinoor Group
Manufacturer and exporter of basic dyes, reactive dyes and organic pigments.
Georgia based manufacturer of antioxidants for polymer systems, UV absorbers/stabilizers, optical brighteners and release coatings.
Deepak Nitrite
Manufacturer of organic, optical brighteners, guanidine derivatives, drug intermediates, toluene, resorcinol , including dye intermediates, nitrates, inorganic and fine intermediates and basic pigments.
Eksoy Chemical Industries
Manufacturer of textile auxiliaries and dyestuff as well as optical brighteners.
Kuan Chuan Chemical Industries
Manufactures optical brightening agents for textiles and pulp.
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