Anti oxidants and Specialty and fine chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Uniroyal Chemical
Worldwide manufacturer of specialty chemicals and polymers, accelerators, urethane , antiozonants, nitrile rubbers, including antioxidants and additives.
Shangai Auxiliary Manufactory (SAM)
Specialty chemical manufacturer of plastic, including antistatic agents, dispersing , printing and after-treatment auxiliaries, silk softeners, textile and brightening agents.
Dover Chemical
Manufacturer of chlorinated paraffins, alkylphenols and liquid and solid organophosphites including polymer additives, flame retardants and antioxidants.
Sloss Industries Corporation Chemicals
Chemicals products include catalysts, modifiers, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and nutriceutical int. Diversified manufacturers of specialty chemicals, slag wool fiber and derivative fiber products and coke for both blast furnaces and foundries.
Yasho Industries
Specialty chemical manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients, fragrances, plastic , pharmaceuticals, flavors, antioxidants and rubber additives.
Diversified industrial manufacturer supplying mining explosives, specialty and fine chemicals and specialty fibers.
3V, Inc.
Products ar. Manufacturer of optical brighteners, antioxidants, synthetic thickeners, UV absorbers including benzophenones, carbomers, stabilizers, isocyanurates, intermediates, water treatment and other application specific/specialty chemicals.
Dow Corning: Antioxidants
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and antioxidants.
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Pax Group
Manufacturer and marketer of specialty performance chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, flame retardants , biocides, solvents, including antioxidants and surface active agents.
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