Reference Chemical Industry Data Resources and Resources Guide - Chemicals Review

WWW Chemicals
Searchable product catalogs for over twenty chemical companies, and ordering information.
Jerzy Król-Bogomilski
Information about environmentally friendly methods for the manufacture of sodium bicarbonate, hidrochloric acid and soda ash.
Knowledge by Design: TLMC
The Learning Matters of Chemistry, interactivity, providing graphics, software and links to other chemistry sites.
Custom bulk materials, specialized reagents, chemicals, equipment and supplies and services for a wide range of industries.
China National Chemical Information Center
Product information requires fee-based subscription. News and product database on Chinese chemical industry.
Geological Survey of Japan: Geochemistry Department
Undertakes geochemical studies in relation to many geological research projects in Japan.
Provides educational resources about chlorine and a list of major manufacturers.
Magnesia International
Provides trading and information services for magnesia and magnesia-based minerals and chemicals.
Mitsubishi Companies
Provides a listing of all Mitsubishi companies as well as historical background and other information resources.
Provider of scientific background about halides, including normalized definitions and examples.
Liquid Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS)
Provides for problem solving in virtually all analytical fields requiring 'information rich' chemical analysis.
Beilstein Information
Find downloads, products, and support. Details the CrossFire and Beilstein Abstracts programs, which let users search for chemical information.
Society of Chemical Industry
International association with that provides discussion forums, chemistry resources, industry news and fee-based publications.
Purchasing Online
Provides price and market forecasts on industrial products and materials, chemicals, computers, office products, transportation , electronics, components, metals and other supply management tools.
Base Peak
Kermit Murray. Also provides links to mass spectrometer manafaturers and suppliers. Provider of mass spectrometry information resources compiled and synthesized by Dr.
Provider of educational resources for educators and students, such as interactive scientific models and online activities.
Provider of general chemical resources such as MSDS, nomenclature and literature.
Supplier of combinatorial chemistry, and characterisation services or development of new chemistries.
Monsanto Antwerp
Offers the chemical industry the possibility to set up production sites in the port of Antwerp allowing transport into Europe.
Complete chemistry database, physical properties, structure modeling and modeling software.
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