Journals and Publications on Material Safety and Resources Guide - Chemicals Review

Instant Chemical Hazards and Safety Data
For teachers, students, industrial hygienists, and others who may be exposed to them. Provides information on chemical hazards, toxicity, safety, and chemical protective clothing on selected chemicals.
Stanford University Environmental Health and Safety
Chemical safety database listing hazardous properties of materials.
NIOSH: International Chemical Safety Cards
An international program, agriculture, an ICSC summarizes essential health and safety information on chemicals for their use at the 'shop floor' level by workers and employers in factories and other work places.
DOE Chemical Safety Program
Assists companies in safely managing their chemical operations.
Provides news, databases, government sources , links to manufacturers, software, information and organizations, and other resources relating to Material Safety Data Sheets.
Chempliant International
Design, develop, and market Material Safety Data Sheet management software and services.
Chemical Health & Safety
ACS journal focusing exclusively on news, information, and ideas relating to issues and advances in chemical health and safety.
Envirofacts Master Chemical Integrator
EMCI lists chemicals that are monitored by EPA's Major Program Systems: Air (AFS), Hazardous Waste (RCRIS), Water (PCS) and Toxics Release Inventory (TRIS).
Chemical Safety Information
Oxford University source of general information about the potential hazards of chemicals.
Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center
Texas A&M center conducting programs and research activities that enhance safety in the chemical process industries.
Institution of Chemical Engineers
UK-based organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the chemical and process engineering profession.
UIUC Chemical Safety Section
CSS at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is responsible for the development and oversight of programs to ensure the safe handling, collection, transport, use, storage and disposal of chemicals generated by teaching and disposal of chemicals generated by teaching, research or administ.
American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
Professional organization that manages, insurance, supervises and consults on safety, health and environmental issues in industry and education.
Industrial Hygiene on the WWW
Job Master can locate EH&S Jobs. Also has a searchable environmental, health, and safety web directory. Site consists of interactive industrial hygiene calculators for the Occupational Safety and Health Professional.
Advanced Chemical Safety
An international health, safety, and environmental protection consulting firm.
Online information and resources on Material Safety Data Sheets.
The Wercs: Chemical Safety Data Sheet Software
Provides material safety data sheet (MSDS) authoring, distribution, and management software and regulatory compliance solutions worldwide.
OSHA Publications
Long list of booklets and related publications from OSHA, available in electronic format.
Services are provided to multiple industries. This company was ca. Provider of health and safety information services, including management of material safety data sheets (MSDS) for regulatory compliance and adverse medical incident management.
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