Journals and Publications on Chemicals and Resources Guide - Chemicals Review

Chemical Education Journal
Electronic journal for chemical educators to develop chemical education and education activities, and to promote the circulation of information about chemical education.
Crystallography Reviews
Publishes reviews on topics in crystallography and crystal growth, industrial, covering all theoretical and applied aspects of biological, chemical and physical crystallography.
Chemical Communications
Journal for the publication of communications on important new developments in chemistry.
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Publishes more than 13,500 pages of new chemistry a year in all areas of chemical research, as well as book and software reviews.
High Energy Chemistry
Publishes original papers on radiation chemistry, laser chemistry, photochemistry, plasma chemistry and other aspects of high energy chemistry.
Czech Chemical Society
Organizes scientific and professional events, meetings, conferences and courses.
Journal of Microcolumn Separations
Bimonthly, international publication that presents original fundamental and applied research concerning all aspects of microcolumn separation methods.
Measurement Science and Technology
Devoted to the theory, chemistry, practice and application of measurement in physics and the environmental and life sciences from inception to commercial exploitation.
Purchasing Online
Provides price and market forecasts on industrial products, chemicals, computers, office products, transportation , electronics, components, metals and supply management tools.
Main Group Chemistry
Dedicated to publishing all aspects of the chemistry of the main group elements.
Natural Product Letters
Publishes important contributions in the field of natural product chemistry, including coverage of work on natural substances of land and sea and of plants, microbes and animals.
Photochemistry and Photobiology
Publishes original reports and reviews on current topics in photobiology and in biologically relevant photochemistry.
Applied Organometallic Chemistry
Publishes reviews, research articles and short communications in a wide field of applications of organometallic compounds.
Mendeleev Communications
Scientific journal of short communications in chemistry, primarily featuring papers from the Russian Federation and the other states of the former USSR.
Pharmaceutical Biology
Publishes manuscripts describing the discovery, analysis characterization, methods for discovery, description and production/isolation of biologically-active chemicals.
Natural Product Reports
Documents and stimulates research into natural products via critical literature reviews on the chemistry and biochemistry of alkaloids, fatty acids, terpenoids, steroids, and O-heterocyclic and O-heterocyclic, aliphatic, aromatic, and alicyclic natural products.
Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics
Covers the preparation, testing and evaluation of propellants, investigation, analysis, explosives and evaluation of propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics, combustion and detonation processes.
Journal of Environmental Monitoring
For health professionals, government officials and research scientists. Dedicated to assessing exposure and health risks through the latest developments in measurement science.
European Mass Spectrometry (EMS)
A peer review journal covering all areas of mass spectrometry.
Current Drugs, Ltd.
Part of the Current Science Group of companies, Current Drugs currently supplies publications and databases to over 80% of the world's pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
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