Wholesalers and Distributors in Polymer and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

M.A. Hanna Resin Distribution
Global distributor of specialty polymers, plastic sheets, tubes, film, specialty coloring pigments & additives, rod, thermoplastic resin compounded products and other plastic products.
GLS Corp. / Thermoplastic Elastomers Division
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers.
ZINN Polymers
Distributor of injection grade polymer resins, acrylics, polycarbonates, polyethylenes, polyurethanes, SAN, acetals, nylons, ABS and thermoplastics.
British distributor of PVAX and other polymer derivatives as well as specialty chemicals.
Himatlal Group
Supplier of basic and specialty chemicals including petrochemicals, polymers, paper and pulp chemicals and pharmaceuticals and electronic chemicals.
Lavico Polymers (USA)
Wholesaler and trader of engineered polymers; polycarbonates, acrylics, polyamides, nylons and extrusion equipment.
Longfield Chemicals
Products include PVC compounds. Distributor and supplier of basic plastics and resins for injection, extrusion and compounding applications.
Plastic Connections
Manufacturer representative and distributor of plastic films including polyester, polypropylene, nylon and anti-fog films and laminations.
Nissen Chemical
Specializes in the purchase and sales of offgrade and refined resins such as LDPE, EVA, LLDPE, PP
Polymer Technology and Services
Supplier of engineered thermoplastics, nylon 6/6, PBT , acetal, nylon 6, including ABS and polycarbonate as well as pre-colored and glass-reinforced resins.
MCC International
International trading company, HDPE, SBR, butyl rubber, caprolactam, specialty chemicals and fiber materials from Russia and other countries products traded include LDPE, PVC, importer of polymer resins and pentarythritol.
Solvay Advanced Polymers: Polymer Distributors
Amorphous, mechanical stresses, semi-crystalline, and ultra-high performance polymers for high temperatures and aggressive chemical environments.
M. Holland Company
Distributor of a wide range of specialized polymer resins, EMA copolymer, ABS, SBS, polystyrene , specializes in polypropylene, nylon, represents over 10 major producers and other dedicated polymers.
Rhodia Silicones
Providers of resins, elastomers, emulsions and sealants.
Civiera & Silver (CSI)
Also provides recycling services. Wholesaler and buyer of surplus and virgin plastics.
Fitz Chem
Distributor, ink, marketing and technical sales organization providing marketing services for the distribution of specialty chemical products including adhesives, coatings and rubber.
Plastic Suppliers
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Dow Corning: Distributors & Wholesalers
Distributes custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and polymers.
E. J. Wright Group
Provides worldwide purchasing of flexible packaging films, different types and grades of plastic resin, plastic scrap
Headquarters located in Joseph Cardijnstraat, 3 B-9420 Erpe Mere. Global distributior of branded plastic, rubber and chemical raw materials, including ABS, HDPE, ethylene acrylate resins, and fine chemical reagents.
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