Polymers Specialty Developers and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

International manufacturer of performance chemicals, color masterbatches, including polypropylene fibers and industrial explosives.
Keystone Industries
Manufacturer of dental products, chemicals, crucibles, kiln furniture, Fleck's cement, PIP paste , carbides, brushes, including abrasives and the Syrijet.
Dow Corning: Specialty Polymer Manufacturing
Manufactures custom and speciality chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and polymers.
G.M. Associates
Specializes in custom made polysaccharide polymers for various food, mining and other industrial applications.
DSM Engineering Plastics
Also provides physical properties, design and processing guidelines for polycarbonate, ABS, PBT, nylons, copolyes. An international manufacturer of resins and specialty compounds such as: nylons, polyesters, polyester elastomer and polycarbonate.
Jiangsu Liqiang Group
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals and basic building materials, amino plastic, including portland cement, phenolic plastic and pantaerythritol.
Donlar Corporation
Makes polyaspartates, biodegradable polymers used in industrial, consumer and agricultural markets.
European sub-contract manufacturer of clinical polymer products & components.
Cytech Products
Manufacturer of performance chemicals, products include: mold release agents for polyurethane foam (for the automotive industry) and coating chemicals for thermosensitive papers and labels (for the thermal paper industry).
Formulated Polymers
Designer and manufacturer of thermo plastic compounds concentrates on specialty niche engineered compounds.
Formulated Polymer Products
Producer of formulated water based polymers for a wide range of applications including adhesives, flame retardants, textile coatings and moulded latex products.
Electro Arc Manufacturing Co.
The metal disintegrators are used to take out broken taps and drills. The carbide impregnators are used to put coatings on tools to prolon. Manufacturer of metal disintegrators, carbide impregnators, drill pullers and portable hardness testers.
Cytec Conap, Inc.
Products include electrical insulations such as potting and encapsulation systems and coatings, tooling resins and elastomers for casting, conformal coatings, adhesives and sealants. . Manufacturer of epoxy and polyurethane resins and compounds.
Aqualon Oil Field Chemicals
Producer of water-soluble polymers for oil and gas drilling, and stimulation; based in Houston, workover and completion, cementing and stimulation; based in Houston, Texas USA.
Ashley Polymers, Inc.
Products include ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, PBT polyester, acetal and ether resins. Products are sold to the automotive, electrical and housewares industries. Manufacturer and distributor of engineering resin.
Da/Pro Rubber
Offers in-house capabilities from design assistance, through compounding, laboratory,. Specializes in custom molded rubber products using a proprietary process which automatically adjusts for compound or part configuration variables in real-time.
Utilizes natural and synthetic polymers to produce custom manufactured elastic tapes, threads, and rings. International producer of thin-gauge calendered and extruded elastic products.
Diversified manufacturer & distributor of engineerer plastics in rod, sheet, tube & finished components.
Armour Polymers
Also provides custom synthesis. Manufacturer of pyridines, picolines and cyanopyridines.
GE Plastics
Manufacturer and global distributor of specialized polymers and additives; products include: silicone sealants, lubricants, adhesives, coatings, extruded sheet for structural glazing
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