Polymers and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

King Industries
Offers a broad selection of acid and blocked acid catalysts for amino crosslinked coatings.
LPM Technologies
Canada based producer of engineered polymers and specialty chemicals for the pulp and paper industry products include: polyamides, ferric chloride, polyaluminum chloride
These are environmentally superior plastics known as polyolefins. An integrated petrochemicals company serving the global plastics manufacturing industry. International producer of plastics raw materials - namely, polyethylene and polypropylene.
Preferred Rubber Compounding Corp.
Provider of rubber analysis services. Products and services are sold to the automobile, construction, pharmaceutical and various other industries. This company was capitali. Producer and developer of black and colored organic rubber compounds.
Scottish Chemical Industries
Is the only ISO-9002 certified manufacturer of hexachloroethane in the world. Scottish Chemical Industries the world's Largest producer of hexachloroethane.
Akron Dispersions
Manufacturer of dispersions, elastomers, emulsions, and processing of finely powdered chemicals and formulations.
Sachem, Inc.
Manufacturer of specialty large-scale chemical products, provides custom manufacturing and phase transfer catalysis.
H.A. Astlett
International trader, distributor and technical manufacturer of synthetic and natural rubber grades is also active in trading of special grades.
Clearweld: Polymers
Industrial research and development company that specializes in materials joining and engineering services, focused on laser welding plastics
Ranbar Technology Inc.
Producer of electrical insulating varnishes for the repair of motors and stators and rust preventive coatings. This company also produces epoxies; and provides custom formulation ser. Producer of alkyd and polyester resins used to create paint.
Ohio based producer of dedicated high performance elastomers, specializes in Therban® elastomer.
Sovereign Chemical Company
Represents a broad line of resins unmatched by any distributor in the rubber industry. Sovereign is a source for specialty accelerators, non-staining antioxidants, various activators and fillers.
Textile Rubber & Chemical
Also, supplies natural rubber and designs and develops custom cutting equipment. International manufacturer and developer of basic chemicals, latex compounds, polyurethanes, dispersions and emulsions and construction coatings.
Halley Computer Systems
This company also resells and rents computers and computer accessories. Services are provided to multiple industries. Provider of computer consulting and systems integration services.
Southern Ionics
Products are based on aluminum, magnesium, sulfur, and zirconium chemistry. Manufacturer of specialty and intermediate inorganic chemicals.
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Solvay Advanced Polymers: High Performance Plastics
Makes amorphous sulfone, semi-crystalline, and ultra-performance resins designed to reduce weight, lower cost, and improve durability.
Montell Polyolefins
Services include custom design, CAD and CAE manufacturing-based processes, piloting and compliance testing. Manufacturer of polyolefin materials including polypropylene, polyethylene and polyolefin materials.
Sister company to Cray Valley, photoinitiators, international manufaturer of acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers and other specialty chemicals.
Ormecon Chemie
Manufacturer of dedicated, conductive polymer coating products and organic metals mainly for polymerization applications.
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