Pellet and Resin Developers and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

Satyen Polymers
Indian based manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins and specialized neoprene and polyurethane based adhesives.
Chongqing Synthetic Chemical
Manufacturer of synthetic resins including formaldehyde, pipes and fittings, phenolic resins, PVC plates and fittings, drilling phenolic resins and thermoplastic molded products.
EVAL Company of America
Products are sold primarily to the packaging industry. Manufacturer of ethylene vinyl alcohol resins.
Oxford Polymers
Distributor of high heat polymer compounds. Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer and distributor of polycarbonate nylon and acetyl resin plastics.
Argonics, Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of polyurethane products including conveyor belt cleaning blades, concrete mixer lining systems, and shock absorbers.
HiTech Polymers, Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. Producer of custom plastic compounds, including polyethylene plastics, polycarbonate plastics, polystyrene plastics, vinyls, polyester plastics and advanced custom polymers.
Pilkington Aerospace, Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of aircraft acrylic transparencies for windshields, canopies and windows; reinforced plastics and composite materials; abrasion-resistant coatings; and as-cast and stretched acrylics.
Homalite, Inc.
These cast-polyester optical plastics are used for filtration purposes in the manufacturing of LEDs and LCDs by OEM electronics manufacturers. The products are scratch-resistant as well as glare-resistant. The a. Manufacturer of optical plastics.
Sartomer Co., Inc.
Products are sold to the coatings, ink, adhesives, and petroleum industries. Producer of monomers, acrylics, specialty resins and oligomers.
Manufacturer of formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde precondensate (UFC) and resin technology.
Neste Resins Corp.
The resorcinol resins are used for laminating. Products are sold to the wood products industry and to industrial companies. Manufacturer of resins including phenol formaldehyde, urea melamine, urea formaldehyde and resorcinol.
Producer of resins, plasticizers, plastics additives, fungicides , radiation and epoxy curing agents, polymers, adhesives and dispersants to the coatings, thermoplastics, graphic arts, construction, energy and rubber products industries; vitamin .
Rhino Hyde Products
Manufacturer and custom formulator of elastomer resin materials for liquid-casting, spraying and other custom manufacturing methods.
Commercial Plastics and Supply Corp.
Parent/holding company with high-tech divisions involved in architectural products, engineering, fabricating and forming, film, resin, security and transportation. Product. Manufacturer and distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film and resin.
Greenway Plastics Industry Corp.
Also, recycler of plastic bottles and containers. Services are provided to thermoforming and converting companies. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of custom extruded PET polyester and polyester plastics raw stock.
LNP Engineering Plastics, Inc.
The thermoplastic compounds are provided in pellet form and are used to manufacture plastic products in various industries including the electric, electronic and fluids-handling industries. Thermoplastic . Manufacturer of thermoplastic compounds.
Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Co.
Products are sold to manufacturing industries that provide pattern shop, mold, model shop, prototype, and foundry se. Manufacturer and distributor of polyester molding products and products used to produce patterns, molds, models, and prototypes.
BP Amoco Polymer, Inc.
Products are sold to the aerospace, defense, chemical processing, electronic, and electrical industries. Manufacturer of thermoplastics and resins.
Bemis Co., Inc. / Polyethylene Packaging Group
Products are sold to multiple industries. Manufacturer of custom polyethylene packaging and printed roll stock.
CGPC Enduratex Vinyl Upholstery Fabrics
Products include automotive and truck vinyl, marine vinyl, furniture vinyl, and spa vinyl. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Producer of vinyl coated fabrics and PVC films.
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