PVC Polyvinylchloride made of Polymers and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

Dyneon, LLC
Subsidiary/holding company of a high-tech unit which produces PTFE resin compounds and micropowders. This company is a joint venture be. Producer of fluoroplastics (PTFE), fluoroelastomers, fluorothermoplastics and polymer processing additives.
Manufacturer of custom-made PVA grades as well as polyvinyl acetate, acetic acid and methyl acetate.
Australian Vinyls Corp
Manufacturer and supplier of vinyl (PVC) resin and vinyl compounds.
Tessenderlo Chemie Group
International diversified chemical manufacturer supplying inorganic chemicals, synthetic organic chemicals, alkalis and engineering plastics.
Sanmar Group
Also offers engineering services. Manufacturer of soda ash, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorochemicals and specialty chemicals.
Zaklady Azotowe
Manufacturer of chemical additives for plastic as well as PVC, nitrogenous fertilizers, polyolefins and fine chemicals.
Innua Petrochem
Supplier of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) suspension, emulsion and mass resins, and plasticizers.
Hydro Polymers
Manufacturer of PVC resin, vinyl, injection molding and medical compounds for thermoforming.
Reliance Industries
International specialty polymer manufacturer supplying polyesters, mono ethylene glycol, polypropylene, PVC, benzene, toluene, xylenes , purified terephthalic acid, polyethylene, PET and textile synthetic fibers.
Charlotte Chemical
Manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals including PVC and nonvinyl polymers, lubricants, paints and tannery products.
Pacific Multi Products (PVT)
Supplier of polymer raw products such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC resin and fine specialty chemicals.
Also provides simplified process flow diagrams. Manufacturer of acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer, as well as methyl acetate, acetic acid, polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetate.
Manufacturer of ammonia-based chemicals and PVC resin, as well as related derivatives.
Formosan Rubber Group
ISO-9002-certified manufacturer of rubber and plastic synthetic leather, film and coating.
Polyvinyl Chloride
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