Monomers made of Polymers and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

International suppliers of specialty monomers, surfactants and other chemicals.
Dow Corning: Monomers
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and monomers.
United Chemical Products (UCP)
Petrochemical manufacturer and tooling company, polymer additives and monomers, supplies feedstock & commodity chemicals, natural gas and monomers, chromium compounds and other raw-basic petroleum-derivatives.
Provider of colorants, along with specialty polymers for adhesives, biocides, coating materials and additives for architectural and industrial applications and engineering thermoplastics.
Nanchang Liangjiang Chemcal
Manufacturer of acrylamide (AM) and polyacrylamide (PAM).
Zeon Chemicals
Other manufacturing facilities located in Bayport, Texas, Mississipi and Kentuky USA. A Louisville based manufacturer developer of polymer resins for the elastomer and plastics industries.
Hindustan Monomers
Also provides Lewis molecular structure illustrations of products. Manufacturer of aniline salts including sulfones, dehydrothio p-toluidine and ortho tolyl meta amino phenol.
Kangnam Chemical
Korean based manufacturer of industrial phenolic resin for shell molds, electric insulation, plywood adhesives, phenol foam, refractory , grinding, brake lining, abrasive and other specialized uses.
Qingdao Langyatai
Manufacturer of itaconic acid, cider and high-grade grain spirits.
Manufacturer and designer of screen printing inks, inks, specialty resins and compounds and specialized inks.
Jarcheme Industries
Manufacturer, acids, specialty derivatives, personal care , esters, specialty monomers, marketer and distributor of linear and branched chain alcohols and lubrication products
Mitsui Chemicals
Manufacturer of petrochemical feedstocks, polymers, urethanes, agrochemicals , phenols, resins, fibers and fine chemicals.
Mechemco Industries
Manufactures unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and gel coat resins, mainly for FRP and castings.
BDH Laboratory Supplies
UK based international developer, laboratory reagents, pharmaceuticals, solvents, laboratory st, inorganics, electrophoresis reagents, manufacturer and distributor of organics andards and analytical equipment.
Lansdowne Chemicals
Manufacturer and supplier of fine basic and specialized chemicals including acetophenone derivatives, aromatics and essential oils, fluorochemicals, pigments and dyes, idodine and iodo derivatives and essential oils, idodine and iodo derivatives, polymer resins, pesticides and insecticides.
Daily Polymer
Producer and exporter of unsaturated polymer resins for paints, adhesives, and textiles; based in China.
Manufacturer of alcohols and derivatives, synthetic resins, processed plastics and PTFE products.
Armour Polymers
Manufacturers of pyridine and pyridine derivatives and value added products such as lutidines and collidines, nicotinates and picolinates.
CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc.
Products are sold to the paper, aerospace, adhesive and chemical industries. This company was . Producer of resorcinol epoxies, monomers, epoxy resins, magnesium alcoholates, polyurethane adhesion promoters and high temperature epoxy hardeners.
Provider of feedstock chemicals, fuels, asphalt, coke, alkenes, synthetic resins and fibers, ammonia and urea. International petrochemical manufacturer and refiner.
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