Adhesives made of Epoxy and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

GS Polymers: Epoxy Adhesives
Manufactures specialty polyurethane and epoxy products, and casting and potting compounds, including adhesives, cast parts and casting and potting compounds, and custom formulating.
Henkel Loctite: Epoxy
Provides specialty chemicals, and coatings for electronics, adhesives, sealants, machine building and coatings for electronics, machine building, medical devices, and industrial production.
Epoxy Industries
Developer and manufacturer of high-performance epoxy adhesives and putties.
ChemCo Systems Europe
Provides complete systems of epoxy resins and equipment for crack injection, high HDT, underwater repair, coatings, grouts, adhesives , external reinforcement, concrete injection, structural repair and mortars.
Aviation Products, Inc.
Suppliers of sealant, adhesives, epoxy resins and bonded parts to the aerospace industry.
Holdtite Adhesives
Based in the UK. Manufacturers of cyanoacrylate adhesives (superglues), anaerobics, UV cure, structural acrylics, polyurethanes, silicones and epoxy adhesives.
Polymerics GmbH
Based in Germany. Develops and produces high-temperature resistant adhesives and specialty polymers.
RBC Industries, Inc.
The resins and polyesters are used as adhesives, decorative coatings and for flooring. Products are sold to jewelry manufacturers, the electronics industry and to other industries. Producer of epoxy resins and silicone.
Abbey Products
Manufacturer of highly specialized colorants, adhesives, dyes and sealants.
Epoxy Technology
Producer of specialized epoxies and adhesives mainly for electronic industry, specializes in conductive epoxies.
System Three
Seattle-based manufacturers of epoxy adhesives, paints and compounds for boat and airplane builders. Epoxies
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Dymax: UV Curing Epoxy Adhesives
One-component, environmentally-friendly resins cure in seconds with UV light. Find UV curing adhesives, sealants, coatings and UV curing equipment.
ChemCo Systems
Based in California. Manufactures epoxy and polyurea based adhesive, coating, surface primer and control joint filler products.
Grainger: Epoxy Adhesives
Broad line supplier of facility maintenance and repair equipment and products, including epoxy adhesives.
Bryte Technologies
Manufacturer of advanced composite materials including adhesives, cyanate ester and epoxy resin systems, syntactic foams and thermal management materials.
Prime Industries
Based in Denver, Colorado. Full-line distributor for the adhesive and sealant industry.
Bondine Electronic Adhesives
Manufacturer of epoxy, silicone and polyurethane adhesives for electronics, medical equipment and disk drives.
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