Additives made of Polymers and Polymer materials Guide - Chemicals Review

Struktol Corporation
Dedicated to the production of performance process additives for the rubber industry, plasticizers, products include: activators, antioxidants, plastic additives
Producer of naphthenic acids and related derivatives, metallic salts of carboxylic acids, fuel additives and paint driers
C.P. Hall Co. (The)
Products are sold to the advanced materials industry. Producer of raw materials for PVC, rubber and thermoplastic compounds.
Esprit Chemical Co.
Producer of specialty chemicals and materials including powdered acrylics, dielectric imaging materials, diazonium salts and compounds, screen print materials and. Provider of custom materials and chemicals manufacturing and consulting services.
GE Plastics
Products include silicone sealants, adhesives, coatings, lubricants, extruded sheet for structural glazing and high-performance graphic insulating films. Manufacturer and global distributor of specialized polymers and additives.
Georgia based manufacturer of antioxidants for polymer systems, UV absorbers/stabilizers, optical brighteners and release coatings.
Akcros Chemicals
Manufacturer of additives for the processing and manufacturing of plastics, also produces polysulphide chemicals for the aerospace, UV cure chemicals for the graphic arts, coatings and other industries and construction industries.
Manufacturer and exporter of surfactants, laurates, oleates, caprylates, palmitates , soap powder, myristates, metallic stearates and ricinoleates.
International supplier of coating additives for plastics and inks and other specialized products, polyesters, also provides additives for waxes, PVC plastisols and SMC & BMC; based in Germany.
Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation
International manufacturer of specialty and performance chemicals including dyestuffs, bulk drugs, UV absorber additivies and advanced materials.
Products include lead & mixed metal stabilizers, stearate(lead, calcium and barium), ester wax and regulatory assistan. Indiana based plastic additives manufacturer that specializes in stabilizers, lubricants, flame retardants, and custom mixing.
Manufacturer of chemical specialties with a global production network and worldwide distribution for skin and hair care products, cleaning products and polyurethanes.
Chemicals Incorporated
Products include engineering resins, lube additives, polymer additives and naphthenates. Custom manufacturer of specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and fragrances, basic adhesives and metal carboxylate dryers.
Ross Chem
South Carolina based specialty chemical manufacturer, defoamers for textiles and pulp & paper, the company supplies paints and coatings, adhesives and glues, waste management products and pulp & paper, waste management products, polymer processing additives, food and pharmaceutical interm.
HOS-Technik GmbH
Producer of additives for the plastic and rubber industry, mono- and bismaleimides, high-temperature resins
Thirumalai Chemicals
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals for plastics, products include phthalic anhydride, fumaric acid , along with additives for the food industry, maleic anhydride, paints and resins and malic acid.
Uniroyal Chemical
Worldwide manufacturer of specialty chemicals and polymers, accelerators, urethane , antiozonants, nitrile rubbers, including antioxidants and additives.
Pflaumer Brothers
Manufacturer of additives for the coating, lubricant and dispersion industries.
Solvay Caprolactones
Manufacturer of high-performance caprolactone monomer and polymers.
Haihong Chemical Enterprise
Specializes in blowing agents, guanidine salts, dicyandiamide, thiourea, antioxidant agents, fire retardants, antistaic & fluorescent agents, lubricants, peroxid. China based manufacturer and trader of chemical additives for rubbers and plastics.
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