Wholesalers and Distributors in Petrochemical and Petro chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Cole Chemical
Petrochemical distributor of acids, amines, chlorinated solvents, glycols, ketones , alkali, aromatics, alcohols and other fine chemicals also provides packaging, warehousing, blending and bulk storage services.
Himatlal Group
Supplier of basic and specialty chemicals including petrochemicals, polymers, paper and pulp chemicals and pharmaceuticals and electronic chemicals.
Grupo Petropol
One of 5 authorized dealers distributing petrochemicals from PEMEX. Located in Mexico
PCC Petrochemical Commercial
Iran-based exporter of petrochemical products products include gases, feedstock chemicals, fertilizers and basic polymers.
Dumas Oil Co.
Distributor of petroleum and petroleum based products including fuels, oils, greases and related items.
RKA Petroleum Companies
Fuel and lubricant distributor and logistics provider for retail and industrial scales.
SJB Group
Worldwide distributor of petroleum and chemical products such as benzoic acid, Chloroform, calcium chloride and Methanol.
Chemical Supply
Highly Competitive prices on large bulk chemical orders.
Bailey Oil
Distributor of petroleum products.
Dynamix Cosmo
Supplier of specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, semiconductor reagents and industrial manufacturing equipment.
Saigal Trading Corporation
An international trading house, handles import & export business of petrochemicals and chemicals.
Glover Oil
Distributor of automotive care products for all industrial, transportation, construction and recreational uses.
Saurashtra Colour
India based distributors of mineral turpentine, hexane, solvent 1425 (SBP) and mix - xylene.
Arakawa Chemical (USA)
International supplier of polymers and petrochemicals, sealants, resins, adhesives and inks and paints.
Superior Oil Company
Supplier of solvents, chemicals, aqueous cleaners and specialty chemicals.
Offers online purchasing. International distributor of performance chemicals including fuel additives, engine treatment oils and specialty cooling fluids.
Chinese importer & exporter of oil products, diesel, fuel oil , gasoline, air fuel, including crude oil and LPG.
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