Refineries for Wax and Petro chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

IGI Baychem, Inc.
The company also produces APP-based hot melt adhesives for paper laminating. Products are sold to the packaging, paper and roofing indu. Producer of custom formulated APP-based products for bitumen modifications of single-ply roofing membranes.
J & N Sales, Inc.
Based in Kokomo, Indiana; the company is involved in the supply of pure beeswax in any quantity year round.
Luxco Wax
Provider of formulating, blending and packaging of refined paraffin wax-based products, including custom blends.
Calwax Corporation
Dedicated to the manufacture, natural, extruded, c, products include paraffin, casting, custom blending and distribution of specialized waxes andle, and wax modifiers.
Chemtec Leuna
Based in Leuna, specialty waxes, Germany; the company is involved in the development and production of specialty chemicals, areas of specialization include custom synthesis and engineer reagents.
Michelman Performance Additives
International supplier of waterborne wax emulsions, specialty dispersions and micronized wax powders to industrial coating formulators and manufacturers; located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.
AGS Technical Chemistry
Also supplies poly-wax. Manufacturer and exporter of various grades of paraffin waxes.
Also provides informative resources about products, including manufacturing process, technical specifications and major applications. Wholesaler of paraffin waxes.
Koster Keunen, Inc.
Provides natural beeswax and synthetic specialized blends; located in the United States. Based in Watertown, Connecticut; an international provider, processor and refiner of waxes, also provides custom blending and recipe design services.
Dick Peters B.V.
European based company involved in the production of a wide range of specialized chemical products for uses in fiber reinforcement, textile chemicals, waxes, metalworking lubricants, inks & dyes, flame retardants and other applications.
International Petrochemical
Worldwide marketer of paraffin wax and other petrochemical products to distributors, importers and refineries.
Pangaea Sciences
International supplier of natural-based and functional bulk ingredients used in the manufacture of cosmetics, food products and pharmaceutical preparations.
Michelman, Inc.
Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Manufactures waterborne wax emulsions, wax dispersions, water-based coatings for corrugated boxes and other paperboard products, and in-line coating equipment for webbed substrates.
Marcus Oil and Chemical
Also, provides process-flow diagrams for polyethylene and safety data sheets. Producer of linear, low molecular weight polyethylene waxes with high-melt points.
Schumann Sasol
Manufacturer and supplier of wax and related products for the hot melt adhesive, paraffin wax, textile and candle industries.
Micro Powders, Inc.
Located in Tarrytown, NY USA. Provider and developer of specialized micronized waxes, wax dispersions and emulsions to the printing ink industry.
Moore & Munger
Based in Shelton, and PVC lubricants, Connecticut; the company is involved in the supply of paraffin & synthetic waxes
Wax Testing Laboratories
Wax Analysis Lab Network All Wax and Wax Products
A Brite Company
Manufactures and markets a total line of proprietary chemicals for the metal finishing and environmental industries, chromates, specializes in cleaning solvents, nickel brightener systems, lacquers
Kromachem Ltd.
Company dedicated to the supply and distribution of pigments & dyes, silicones, micronized waxes and dispersions and mold making products.
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