Refineries for Solvent and Petro chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

CBC (America)
Global supplier of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, organics & inorganics, cosmetics, food additives, health foods and related analytical instruments.
Dharamsi Moraji Chemical
Products include sulphuric acid, oleums, chlorosulphonic acid, phosphatic fertilizers, aluminum sulphate, diethyl sulphate, benzenesulphonyl chloride, methane sulphonic acid and absolute alcohol. Manufacturer of specialty and bulk chemicals.
Sunoco Chemicals
Petroleum refiner and manufacturer of petrochemicals products include phenol, acetone, ethylene oxide, nonene, tetramer, alpha-methylstyrene, toluene, xylene, benzene, cyclohexane , propylene, ethylene, cumene and mineral spirits.
Phenolchemie, Inc.
International manufacturer of phenol and acetone products.
H&S Chemical Co.
Located in Covington, Kentucky USA. Developer and producer of specialty chemicals, specializes in chloramine-T, trichloromelamine, HF pyridine, methyl fluoride, hydrochloric acid, DDCP, and other chemical reagents.
Gaylord Chemical Corporation
Located in Los Angeles, California. ISO 9002 certified producer of dedicated solvents, specializes in DMSO, and DMS solvents.
solvent Manufacturer
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Specialty chemical distributor that specializes in inorganic acids and alkalii.
Gaylord Chemical
Specialty chemical manufacturer of dimethyl sulfoxide, effects and reactions as well as MSDS, dimethyl sulfonate and dimethyl sulfide in various grades also provides technical information on toxicity and applications.
China Steel Chemical
Manufacturer of petroleum-derived chemicals including refined naphthalene, creosote oil, benzene, toluene and dye intermediates.
Green Country Chemical
Manufacturer and distributor of proprietary blends of scale inhibitors, emulsion breakers, foamers , paraffin solvents, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and other specialty chemicals.
Thai Petrochemical Industries
Manufacturer of petrochemicals, toluene, specializing in aromatic products including benzene and C9 aromatics.
JLM Industries
International manufacturer and distributor of performance chemicals and specialty plastics including acids, aromatics, solvents , alkalii, boron compounds, aluminum compounds and other specialty reagents.
Xentex Chemical Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer and producer of chemically engineered products with special focus on replacement of EHS hazardous acids and solvents.
Jiangsu Huaihe Chemical Plant
Manufacturer and exporter of nitrotoluenes, toluidines and DSD acid as well as marker lacquer.
Taiyuan Qiaoyou Petrochemical
Manufacturer of tar benzene-based products including pure benzene, maleic anhydride, toluene, dimethylbenzene and other petrochemicals.
High Performance Mirachem
Supplier of environmentally safe parts washers solvents, parts washer service, and fluids for automotive repair industry.
Tulsa based supplier of 99.9% purity dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) solvent online.
Petrasol B.V
Markets and distributes commodity solvents and petrochemicals, alcohols, plasticizers, aromatics (toluene , glycol ethers & esters, ketones, including acrylates and xylene), chlorinated solvents, propyleneglycols and ethanol amines.
Deepak Nitrite
Manufacturer of organic, optical brighteners, guanidine derivatives, drug intermediates, toluene, resorcinol , including dye intermediates, nitrates, inorganic and fine intermediates and basic pigments.
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