Petrochemicals and Petro chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Lockhart Chemical Co.
Products are sold to formulators in multiple industries. Producer of additives for basic chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and lubricants.
Hoover's: Petrochemicals
Provides in-depth business and public/private company information, financials, competitors , industry overviews, officers, including profiles and news.
Sumitomo Chemical
Based in Japan, agrochemicals, the company is involved in the production and international distribution of fine chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.
ABB Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
Petroleum refiner that supplies oil and gas and lubricants; also provides exploration services and equipment.
Sunoco Chemicals
Petroleum refiner and manufacturer of petrochemicals products include phenol, acetone, ethylene oxide, nonene, tetramer, alpha-methylstyrene, toluene, xylene, benzene, cyclohexane , propylene, ethylene, cumene and mineral spirits.
Specialty chemical supplier of solvents and acetates.
Advanced Aromatics
Petroleum refiner and manufacturer of high-purity naphthalene and derivatives, aromatics, oxygenated solvents and octane and fuel additives.
Diversified supplier of a wide range of chemical products and services.
Uniroyal Chemicals
Manufacturer of rubber processing, petroleum, recreation, graphic arts, mining, electronics, adhesives , crop protection, petrochemical, plastics and sealants, and paints and coatings.
Hyundai Petrochemical
Developer and producer of specialty and fine chemicals, synthetic rubbers, polymer resins, high-purity monomers and other basic chemicals.
Manufacturers and marketers of fuel additives for gasoline, burner, diesel and jet fuels.
PCS Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore
Products include ethylene, propylene, acetylene and butadiene. In addition, PCS produces benzene, toluene and xylene. Manufacturer of basic petrochemicals and upstream supplier of steam and compressed air.
Whitaker Oil Company
Chemical and solvent distributor of hydrocarbons, paint and lacquer thinners, alcohols, ketones, glycols and lacquer thinners, glycols, epoxy resins and more.
Hosung Petrochemical
He. Korean based manufacturer of fine organics, specializes in polymerization catalyst carrier, soybean oil extraction, tires, inks, adhesives, intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals, plastics, laundry and washing solvents.
Dow Corning: Petrochemicals
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and petrochemicals.
Provider of feedstock chemicals, fuels, asphalt, coke, alkenes, synthetic resins and fibers, ammonia and urea. International petrochemical manufacturer and petroleum refiner.
USX Corporation
Producer of oil and natural gas, and steel products.
Occidental Petroleum
Petroleum refiner and exploration, oxyvinyls, chemical division provides chlorine, caustic soda and derivatives as well as specialty chemicals.
Manufacturer specializing in polymer and petrochemical products including ethylene, oxygenated chemicals, propylene, polyethylene polypropylene and wire cable resins.
Services include biogas clening, NH3 recovery, gas drying, hydrogen systems and oxygen PSA and VSA systems. Provider of gas-treatment systems for the petrochemical and chemical industry and refineries.
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