Chemicals that are Aromatic and Petro chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

South Hampton Refining
Products include pentane, isopentane, n-hexane, isohexane, cyclopentane and petroleum ether. Provider of petrochemicals and toll-processing.
Lyg Pesticide
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals and pesticides, fomesafen, phenyl acetone , pyridaben, benzyl cyanide, including phoxim and phosphorus pentasulfide.
Gadiv Petrochemical Industries
International developer and producer of specialty petrochemicals including high-purity solvents, fumaric acid, aromatics, phthalic anhydride and disodium succinate.
Jianghong Chemicals
Manufacturer of benzaldehyde compounds.
Advanced Aromatics
Petroleum refiner and manufacturer of high-purity naphthalene and derivatives, aromatics, oxygenated solvents and octane and fuel additives.
Jiangsu Danhua Group
Manufacturer of fine aromatics and amines including meta-xylene, amine and 2, divinylbenzene(DVB), ethylbenzene and 2,6-diethylaniline(DEA).
Sheyang Pesticides & Chemical Industry
Manufacturer of pesticides and specialty aromatics including hydroquinone, manganese carbonate, p-benzoquinone and omethoate.
Thai Petrochemical Industries
Manufacturer of petrochemicals, toluene, specializing in aromatic products including benzene and C9 aromatics.
Wenzhou Lucheng Zhenxing Fine Chemical Plant
Manufacturer of benzene-based compounds, amino intermediates and nitrogen-based benzaldehyde products.
Jingjiang Malong Chemical Manufacturing
Manufacturer of activated benzene-based organics and acids, 6-tribromoaniline, 3,5-tribromobenzene, p/o-methoxy benzoic acid, p-methoxy acetopnenoe , 4, 1, including 2 and 1,3,5-trichlorobenzene.
Jingjiang Hongchem Chemical Engineering
Manufacturer of fine aromatics and specialty chemicals, benzoin, glycine, 2-hydroxy-2-methyl-phenyl-propane-1 , 4-di-tert-butylphenyl phosphite, benzil dimethyl ketal, including 2 and plasticizers.
Changshu Jincheng Chemical Factory
Manufacturer of benzyl-based and other fine chemicals including benzoyl peroxide, benzoyl chloride, di-(3.5.5-trimethyl hexanol) peroxide and calcium peroxide.
Bangkok Synthetics (BST)
Main products include MTBE, butene-1 and butadiene. Petroleum refiner producing C4 derivatives.
Calumet Lubricants
Manufactufacturer of naphthenic specialty lubricanting oils through the operation of various high-pressure hydrocrackers and refineries other products include specialty solvents, olefins and custom fractionation services.
Anami Organics
Manufacturer of aromatic nitriles and cyanides for use in whitening agents, polyester textiles and various pharmaceutical applications.
Nanjing Chemical Industrial
Also supplies tar and industrial-grade benzene. Manufacturer of benzene-based chemicals, cresols, naphthalene, mucilaginous oils and inorganics.
Manufacturer of ethyleneamines including ethylenediamine, n-aminoethylpiperazine, diethylenetriamine, piperazine anhydrous and higher ethylene polyamines.
BP Chemicals
Integrated petrochemical manufacturer providing aromatics.
Dantu Fertilizer
Manufacturer and developer of basic and fine chemicals including ammonia, 2, salicylic acid, salicylamide, glycine, benzene , liquid ammonia, 3 OTM acid, carbon ammonia and naphthalene-based compounds.
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