Additives in Petrochemicals and Petro chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

MPG Industries
Provides custom formulations and private label compounding services. Specialty chemicals manufacturer of metalworking fluids and additives, alkanolamides, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and EPA additives.
Carter Chemicals & Services, Inc.
Products are sold to the paper and diesel transportation industries. Producer of fuel additives.
Dover Chemical
Manufacturer of chlorinated paraffins, alkylphenols and liquid and solid organophosphites including polymer additives, flame retardants and antioxidants.
Benelux Research Business (BRB)
Supplier of silicones, additives and performance chemicals, lubricants and quality semi-finished products to custom-made end products.
Nanjing Ningjiang Chemical Plant
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals including oil additives, plasticizers and corrosion inhibitors.
Petroplex Acidizing
Provider of acidizing and chemical treatments for oil, gas and injection wells.
PRI Advanced Fuel Treatments
Supplier of treatments for gas, stabilizes stored fuel, diesel and bunker fuel, products prevent carbon deposits and increase engine performance.
ADD APT Chemicals
Specialty chemical manufacturer of coating additives, lubricant additives, care products and foam control agents.
Pflaumer Brothers
Manufacturer of additives for the coating, lubricant and dispersion industries.
Acheson Colloids Company
Manufacturer of specialized lubricants for the following industries: pressure diecasting, aluminum smelters, non-ferrous extrusion, oil & grease additives, forging and other related products.
Millennium Fuels USA, LLC
Texas based supplier of fuel additives including ocatane boosters.
IGOL Lubricants
Manufacturer and developer of engine-treatment oils and fuel additives mainly for automotive applications.
Chemicals Incorporated
Products include engineering resins, lube additives, polymer additives and naphthenates. Custom manufacturer of specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavors and fragrances, basic adhesives and metal carboxylate dryers.
Berryman Products
Developer and producer of performance chemicals including fuel additives, lubricants, cleaners and related products.
E.T. Products Co.
Based in Indiana. DEveloper and marketer of heavy duty lubricants for industry, fleet and construction, as well as performance formulated additives for gasoline and diesel fuels.
Molyslip Atlantic Limited
UK-based providers of lubricants, greases, oils and additives.
Nitro Lube
Canadian providers of advanced lubricants, treatments, oils, greases and fluids.
Manufacturer and developer of fuel additives as well as water and wastewater treatment chemicals.
Aderco Fuel Additives
Supplier of fuel additives.
Supplier of PennzSuppress® a specialized performance emulsified petroleum resin developed by Pennzoil Products Company.
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