Refrigerant Developers and Gas Guide - Chemicals Review

New York based manufacturer of airconditioning products for the automotive industry also supplies an extensive line of specialized compressors and inflators and automotive accessories.
Also supplies related equipment. Offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America International provider of pure, dry compressed air; an alternative to refrigerant dryer technology.
Sino-Resource - Refrigerants
China based suppplier of fluoro based refrigerants and halo extinguishants.
Polar Refrigerant
Provides packaging, R-12, distribution and sales of virgin and reclaimed refrigerants, products include: R-11 and others.
Supplies a wide range of refrigerants for industrial and commercial use, including CFC, HCFC or HFC based products.
International diversified corporation providing engineering services, material handling, refrigeration and industrial gases.
Especiál Gas
Located in Texas. Providers of refrigerants, compressed gases and training services to a wide customer base.
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