Supplies and Equipment for Chemical Packaging and Equipment and supplies Guide - Chemicals Review

Superfos Chemicals
European-based international packaging (including aerosol packaging) company with 16 production facilities, two R&D centers and sales offices in 15 countries.
Electro Chemicals
Fabricator of metal containers for the chemicals industry.
Cole Chemical
Also provides packaging, warehousing, blending and bulk storage services. Petrochemical distributor of acids, alcohols, alkali, amines, aromatics, chlorinated solvents, glycols, ketones and other fine chemicals.
Formula Corporation
Custom compounder and contract packer of industrial and institutional chemicals.
EPD, Inc. Packaging
Provides packaging and repackaging of industrial chemical products such as plastic pellets, resin powders and liquids.
Amandus Kahl
Designer of machinery for conditioning and compacting many different products from a variety of industrial processes.
Taeyoung Chemical
Korean based storage chemical facility, also offers trading and distribution services.
Venus Ethoxyethers
Specialty chemical manufacturer of ethoxylates and propoxylatetes.
D3 Chimie
Manufacturer, building materials, distributor and packager of specialty chemicals for disinfections, wood treatment and automotive protective coatings.
Ribelin Sales
Manufacturer and supplier of fine chemicals, dyes and pigments and packaging equipment for the chemical industry.
Brainerd Chemical
Custom handler, hydrofluoric acid , hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite , including nitric acid, formaldehyde, packager and distributor of chemical reagents and isopropyl alcohol.
EXSIF Worldwide
Also, offers equipment leasing. International manufacturer and distributor of specialty containers and tanks for chemical handling.
RTK Resource
Provider of labeling equipment and supplies to the chemical industry.
R.E. Carroll, Inc.
New Jersey-based distributor and re-packager of raw chemical materials, fillers and petroleum derivatives.
Chemical Marketing Concepts
Provides sample packaging and shipment of chemicals including cosmetics, food-grade, electronic and industrial chemical samples and makes both domestic and international shipments.
Provides toll-manufacturing, blending, storage, logistics and special packing services. International distributor of specialty chemicals and intermediates.
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