Reducing and Oxidizing Agent Chemicals and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Olin Hydrosulfite
Producer of sodium hydrosulfite and reductive chemical products.
Church & Dwight
Specialty manufacturer of sodium bicarbonate-based products.
Dow Corning: Oxidizing & Reducing Agents
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, silicon-based products, including silicones and oxidizing and reducing agents.
BM Chemicals
Also produces food additives and ingredients including lactic acid, glycerol mono stearate and solbake emulsifier. Manufacturer of chromium-based specialty inorganics including chromium sulphate and chromic acid.
Bann Quimica
Manufacturer of blowing agents, accelerators, aniline , antioxidants, antiozonants, factices and other fine chemicals for the textile industry.
Wuhan Youji Industrial
Manufacturer of sodium benzoate and benzyl chloride derivatives, sodium benzoate, including benzoic acid and 2-cyano-toluene.
Baoji City Chemical
Manufacturer of persulfate-based compounds and plexiglass.
Jiangsu Zhongdan Group
Manufacturer and distributor of amino benzene ether, reducing indigo, ethoxyquin and chloroacetic acid.
Chemical Resources
Specialty chemical manufacturer of hydrochloric acid 33%, acetone, sodium hypochlorite 15 and copper-6 naphthenate.
Chemate Industries
Manufacturer of specialty salts and oxides, including dimethyl glyoxime, sodium nitroprusside and octahydrate.
Shandong Changyi Salt Chemistry Group
Manufacturer and distributor of inorganic salts, bromines, including crude and refined salts and bromine aniline.
Chongqing Fuyuan Chemical
Manufacturer of high-purity ammonium bicarbonate, sodium nitrate, liquid carbon dioxide , potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite, ammonium nitrate and dilute nitric acid.
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