Phosphates and Nitrates and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Cargill Fertilizer
A division of Cargill International. Manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer.
Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited
Involved in the manufacture of urea based, other type fertilizers, also offers a leceted line of petrochemicals and other reagents.
Agrosin manufactures potash, sulphates, nitrates, chrome sulphates, polyetylene resins, PCV, zinc chloride and other specialized fine re. Agrosin is a joint venture company formed by group of Russian fertilizer producers and Intraco of Singapore.
Andersons, Inc. (The) / Processing Group
The company also provides industrial and commercial corn cob stock processing services. Products and services are sold to the agriculture industry. This company was capitalized by corporate investment. Producer of lawn fertilizers.
Products are used for seed coating, wastewater treatment, swimming pool treatment, pulp and paper, mining, printing and metal plating applications. Products are sold to multiple . Producer of non-toxic, water soluble polymer derivative chemicals.
Shanxi Wentong Potassium Salt Group Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of ammonium chloride, potassium bicarbonate, activated carbon , potassium nitrate, potassium carbonate, calcium nitrate and other specialty basic chemicals.
Distributor and surplus supplier of specialty and fine chemicals, citric acid, phosphoric acid, anhydrous ammonia, urea , (mon/di)ammonium phosphates, denatured ethanol, products include specialty fertilizers and sulfur.
Dharamsi Moraji Chemical
Products include sulphuric acid, oleums, chlorosulphonic acid, phosphatic fertilizers, aluminum sulphate, diethyl sulphate, benzenesulphonyl chloride, methane sulphonic acid and absolute alcohol. Manufacturer of specialty and bulk chemicals.
Processed Gypsum Products Australia (P.G.P.)
Specializes in the production of high grade natural gypsum products for the agriculture, horticulture and viticultural industries.
International Potash Company, (IPC)
Involved in exporting potassium fertilizers from Russia and Belarus, also provides other raw industrial chemicals.
NA-CHURS / Alpine Solutions
Products are sold to agricultural industry. Manufacturer of liquid fertilizers for agricultural applications.
Drexel Chemical
Products include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, spray activators, defoliants/desiccants, and growth regulators. Products are sold to the agriculture industry. This company was capitalize. Producer and distributor of agricultural chemicals.
Westbridge Agricultural Products
Products are sold to agriculture and Indust. Manufacturer of composting inoculants, odor control and other environmental products, including agricultural micronutrient fertilizers, plant growth regulators, acidifiers and bacteria nutrient blends.
Conklin Co., Inc.
The company also manufactures a variety of lubricants and conditioners, seed germination aids, paints, window cleaners, laundry and dishwashing detergent, disinfectants, fertilizers and roof coatings. Produ. Manufacturer of animal feed additives.
IMC Global, Inc.
Manufacturer of concentrated phosphates and ammonia fertilizer products and uranium oxide for upgrading by utilities for use in nuclear plants. Parent/holding company of high tech units invol. Producer of phosphate rock and potash crop nutrients.
Hubei Chuxing Group
Group of manufacturing companies producing nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, phosphate-ammonia compounds also operates a trading company.
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LiphaTech, Inc.
They also produce rodent control products, including bait stations, glue boards and glue trays. Products are sold to the professional pest control and. Producer of legume inoculants, which produce nitrogen when put in contact with selected crops.
Tainio Technology, Inc.
Products are sold to the agricultural industry, golf courses, and home gardeners. Manufacturer of organic fertilizers that are environmentally, human and animal safe.
Also provides rural services such as livestock, wool, merchandise insurance, real estate and rural financial services. Processor and distributor of coal, liquefied petroleum gas, ammonia, ammonium nitrate, sodium cyanide and timbers.
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