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Oriental Chemical Industries
Korea based producer of soda ash and caustic soda, also offers sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium cyanate, rubber accelerators , and MICLOID, phoshporic acid, specializes in toluene di-isocyanate(TDI) and other specialty reagents.
Products include titanium dioxide, calcium chloride, glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, boric acid, soda ash, salicylic acid, stearic acid, caustic soda and PVC. Supplier and exporter of basic and commodity chemicals.
Producer of gypsum and basic salt.
Brunner Mond
European producer and supplier of alkaline chemicals; specializes in soda ash and sodium bicarbonate.
Thomas Global Register: Soda Ash
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Companhia Nacional de Álcalis
Brazilian producer of sea salt and soda ash.
Manufacturer and developer of PVC, foodstuffs, electrical/electronic , engineered polymers, pharmaceutical intermediate, caustic soda and synthetic fiber products.
Soda Ash Manufacturers
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Sanmar Group
Also offers engineering services. Manufacturer of soda ash, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorochemicals and specialty chemicals.
Jiangsu Huachang Group
Specialty manufacturer of phosphorous acid, aspartic acid, ammonium chloride , glutamic acid, soda ash, alanine and methylfuran.
OCI Chemical
Producer of natural soda ash.
Oasis Chemical
China based supplier of industrial chemicals including sodium carbonate (soda ash).
Penrice Soda Products
Manufactures and sells light and dense soda ash, sodium bicarbonate in various grades, sodium carbonate and salt all in bulk or packaged and various limestone products.
Producer and wholesaler of soda products, fabricated resin products, inorganic & organic chemical products, synthetic resins, pharmaceuticals and other specialized chemical reagents and other specialized chemical reagents, also provides engineering contracting services.
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