Chemicals Commodities and Common chemicals Guide - Chemicals Review

Xianlu Chemicals General Plant
China based manufacturers of manganase sulphate, zinc sulphate and sodium metabisulphite.
Nissan Chemical Industries
Developer and manufacturer of agrochemicals, nitri acid, pharmaceuticals, and other specialized fine reagents; including melamine and construction chemicals.
Lee Laboratories
Products are sold to the diagnostic industry. This company was capitalized by corporate investment. Producer of diagnostic reagents, syphilis reagents, anti-sera to bacterial antigens and bacterial antigens.
Isonics Corp.
Products are sold to the nuclear, medical, and semiconductor industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of silicone-28 wafers, carbon-13, oxygen-18, silicon-29 tetrafluoride, and radioisotopes.
Thomas Global Register: Chemicals
Search for suppliers of Chemicals. Industrial product directory allows users to send RFQs, view catalogues and compare suppliers.
3M / Protective Materials Division
Manufacturer of fluorochemical finishes which repel watery and oily stains on paper and nonwoven fabrics; wearing apparel fabric treatments which cause fabrics to release soil during washing; carpet, fabric, leather and wood protectors which imp.
CXY Chemicals
A producer of sodium chlorate, caustic soda, chlorine and other commodity chemicals.
Molecular Toxicology, Inc.
Products are sold to the chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Manufacturer of reagent chemicals for use in in-vitro toxicology, environmental analysis, drug safety testing and process stream evaluation.
Steward, Inc.
Products are sold to the electronics, copier, telecommunications, military, and automoti. Manufacturer of ferrite EMI shielding and filtering components, wide band transformers, filter cores, ferrites and custom ferrite and iron silicide powders.
Receptor Biology, Inc.
Also a provider of cell culture and transfection services. Products and services are sold to the pharmaceuticals industry. This company was capitalized by private inv. Manufacturer of cloned receptors used as research reagents for drug discovery.
Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC / Environmental Science & Technology Dept.
Manufacturer of pre-cleaned bottles for environmental sampling, germanium and silicon crystal materials and lithium hydroxide and provider of dioxin, pest. Producer of chemicals and advanced materials and provider of testing and coating services.
Manufacturer of commodity and specialty chemicals including glycols, phosphoric esters, fatty acids, alkyl sulfates, naphthalene sulfonates , alcohols, betaines, alkanolamides and methyl ethyl ketone.
EM Science
Provider of high purity chemicals for R&D, scale-up and production applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industri. Manufacturer of high-purity chemicals, reagents and specialty products for research and analytical laboratories.
Condea Vista
Producer of commodity and specialty chemicals for personal care products, catalysts, agrochemicals, textile chemicals and other areas.
Giles Chemical Corp.
Products are sold to the pharmaceutical, pulp and paper industries. Producer of magnesium sulfate and epsom salts including sodium sulfate and magnesium hydoxide.
International Isotopes, Inc.
Products are sold to pharmaceutical industry. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade radioisotopes for use in nuclear medical equipment for treating cancer.
Grainger: Chemicals
Broad line supplier of facility maintenance and repair equipment and products, including Chemicals.
Dow Corning: Commodity Chemicals
Supplies custom commodity chemical products and technologies, including silicones and silicon-based products.
Ameripol Synpol Corporation
Producer and supplier of feedstock chemicals including rubbers, textile fibers, adhesives, paint & coatings, concrete
ALSTOM Power, Inc. / Nuclear Power
Products and services are sold to nuclear industry. Producer of nuclear fuel materials and provider of nuclear power plant operations and engineering services.
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